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Singer Aima Baig’s name has been caught in yet another controversy. A local media outlet unearthed an old interview of her in which she said she loved her brother, who is seven years older than her. gave play Bully, rightly “disgusted” by the allegations, called the publication “outrageous” and “shameless yellow journalism”.

On Thursday, Bagg took to his Instagram Stories to break his silence on the controversy. She wrote that ‘Normally I don’t come forward to explain my statements but this one caught my eye. “I am absolutely disgusted with this yellow journalism. What is this horrible and shameless ideology that they are sharing?” she added, asking the publication to keep her name out of their “shameless agendas”.

“I literally want to throw up. Are you going to post something for likes? Work hard or leave me alone. Shame on you, big time,” he concluded. The statement came after Baig had already commented on the original post by the media outlet and called them out for misreporting.

While the publication did not accept responsibility for their false reporting, Baig shared the original video for context to “prove” that he never said what was reported. “Since [the outlet] Strongly denying ‘no, you said it’s your brother – your real brother’ it’s getting ridiculous now. I legitimately liked this page and thought there were some sane people behind it but once again, the shocking frown is back,” she added in another story.

“Click here to see the real truth, everyone. Even though it’s disgusting to talk about, they need to know how one wrong idea can ruin an entire nation. I demand an apology for the heinous and despicable allegation of and the deletion of all these unsolicited and vulgar posts about this unprofitable and ridiculous news,” Baig asserted.

In an old interview with Samina Pirzada, Baig can be clearly heard saying that her first lover was her brother’s friend, who was like a brother to her. “I remember my first love clearly. He was my brother’s friend. I was about 10 years old and my brother is seven years older than me…” This is the part that was removed from the viral clips and The statement in which he describes the friend is understood to refer only to his brother.

After viewing the original clip, many users criticized the local media outlet for being so careless just for the sake of popularity. “Delete this post! Such a shame you guys have to stoop so low just for a few likes! He never said anything like that! Pathetic journalism,” read one comment.

Another user wrote, “I just watched the original video and it’s the exact opposite of what you wrote here, try to be more responsible with your posts. Don’t post fake stories to get views!! Shame.” Given that the post is still up there with over 19,000 likes, one user feels the outlet should at least remove the post and admit its mistake by now.

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