Why Should We Not Use Eye Drops After 28 Days?

All eye drops have an expiry date and it is advised not to use them for a long time.

Using eye drops even one month after opening the bottle can cause serious eye problems and infections.

Eye drops are used for many medical eye conditions. Some contain antibiotics to treat infections, while others provide relief from dry eye. If you use eye drops, you may want to consider running out of them. All eye drops have an expiry date and it is advised not to use them long after opening the bottle.

Sometimes, you use eye drops that have been in storage for a while but did you know that these eye drops are more prone to breakage and contamination than other medications and pills? Although some people do not notice and consume the bottle even a month after opening the seal, it can cause serious eye problems and infections.

Why should we not use eye drops after 28 days? Speaking to News 18, Dr. Richa Pyare (eye specialist) said that the eyes are very delicate, and the use of eye drops is very sensitive. If we use eye drops even after a month, it can lead to severe infection.

The expert said that preservatives are used in eye drops. These preservatives are used to protect the eyes from bacteria, fungi or viruses. Most medications remain antibacterial for a long time, but some eye drops are advised not to be used after 28 days. The doctor said that after opening the seal, the eye drop becomes contaminated within a certain period.

Dr. Richa further said that if eye drops are used even after a month, the risk of many types of infection increases. After using expired eye drops, the cornea is most susceptible to infection. In such a condition, the black skin starts to turn white. It can also cause permanent scarring of the pupil. Apart from this, infection of the conjunctiva can also be detected. In very severe cases, it can cause vision problems.

If you continue to use the eye drops after a month, symptoms such as redness, watery eyes and pain may appear. If you notice such symptoms, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Dr. Richa also says to wash your hands first when using the eye drops. You can see how to use it on the label. Lie on your back and tilt your head back. Place the bottle on your eye, look up and add a drop or a few drops. Now, close your eyes and apply light pressure with your finger on the inner corner of the eye. After one month of use, the eye drop bottle should ideally be thrown away.

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