WATCH: Bride breaks into tears as DJ ‘ruins’ her entry

In this screengrab, the bride can be seen breaking down during an entry song during her wedding. – screengrab/instagram/the_wedding_dance_india

Brides have high expectations on their wedding day as they try their best to make their wedding celebrations memorable. Emotions run high during these stressful moments. Their days are spent in sleepless nights and exhausting efforts to manage the wedding venues and arrangements. As with all things, people get tired and emotional when things, for whatever reason, go awry.

Similarly, during a wedding ceremony in India, a bride broke down in tears during her entrance because her expected song was not played by the DJ.

In a video shared on Instagram, a bride dressed in a traditional red dress can be seen waiting at the door for a song to be played as she makes her entry.

The song she had asked to be played upon entering was not played at the time she had asked for while she repeatedly shouted angrily asking why the song was being played from the beginning.

The bride then expressed her displeasure at the situation as the DJ had ruined her expectations. He also started shouting angrily at the DJ because the DJ played the wrong part of the song, which can be heard in the video. She said words like cryingPlay from 1 minute 18 seconds” (Play from 1 minute 18 seconds).

The bride then said annoyingly that she would not enter.

His family members can be seen consoling him as he cries. Later, she moved in and things went smoothly.

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