Utah bans new licenses for abortion clinics, forcing them to close by year’s end

Signed by Utah Republican Gov. Spencer Cox. HB 467 Wednesday’s law, which would make it illegal to license abortion clinics in the state, and require operators to close by the end of the year or when their licenses expire — whichever comes first. forces The law will be implemented from May 3.

“Yesterday, Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed. HB467 In law, legislation that would effectively end abortion access in the state on May 3, even though abortion is currently legal in Utah up to 18 weeks,” read a statement released by Planned Parenthood. Thursday.

Demonstrations took place across the country - Utah
People gather at the state capitol for a rally in support of abortion rights on May 3, 2022 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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In a ___ News conference On Thursday, Cox defended his signing of the bill, but denied that it would restrict access to abortion in the state. He clarified that abortions will still be able to be performed in hospital settings.

Less than two weeks after the legislation was passed by the House and Senate, Planned Parenthood of Utah expressed concern over the legislation on Twitter, writing, “Abortion is an important part of health care and complications. It is a safe procedure with low risk. There is no justification for restricting access.”

“Instead of working to make health care more accessible, reliable and affordable, Utah politicians have enacted a law that only creates more uncertainty, chaos and confusion for patients – All this to block their anti-abortion lawsuits, said Carey Galloway, president and CEO of the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah.

“Nothing in this bill makes abortion in Utah safer, more affordable, or more accessible to the thousands of Utahns who need this essential health care each year,” Galloway added.

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