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Indian actress Swara Bhaskar and politician Fahad Ahmed, who are Hindu and Muslim respectively, have been sharing highlights of their wedding celebrations online. After announcing their wedding last month, the duo has revealed that they will host both Hindu and Muslim wedding ceremonies, e.g. Turmeric, henna, and sangeet “to establish a common tradition of celebration.”

As a proud Hindu-Muslim couple, they said these festivals are the only way to express their religion in interfaith unity. Both of them also had a court marriage under the Special Marriage Act in India on January 6.

No one wants to change anyone

Bhaskar and Ahmed – got married exactly three years after they first met. Talking about their marriage, the couple said Times of India That they do not intend to change their religious beliefs: “We are both very conscious and proud of our identity and neither wants to change anyone.”

He further explained, “We planned things that are common to both our traditions. Turmeric is something that exists in both cultures. It’s called ubtan by Muslims. Henna is always on both sides. Sangeet happens on both sides. In India, as an interfaith couple who do not convert, we only get married in a court under the Special Marriage Act. Which we have done. Now we are trying to establish a common tradition of celebrations.”

Love at first sight

Bhaskar and Ahmed saw each other for the first time. While her now husband saw Bhaskar for the first time in a film. to hurt The actor said that Ahmed’s first memory is from a protest. “I saw her for the first time in Raanjhanaa, and I really liked her acting style,” explains Ahmed. “I didn’t know who he was, and I googled to find his social, but never tried to contact him. We met officially for the first time on December 19, 2019. August Kranti An anti-CAA protest was being organized at the Maidan, and someone said to me, ‘He’s a revolutionary, call him, and that’s what I did’.

A lover’s destiny

Bhaskar further narrated how she went missing on the same day when she arrived for the protest. When Satara somehow finally got on stage, she had no idea what Ahmed looked like in real life, so she started asking people, “Who is Fahadh?” “I was looking very worried fixing Mike when he finally saw me,” the social worker added.

The two later formed a strong bond over their mutual interest in politics. The couple also revealed that they waited for more than a year to get married, so that they could both be financially stable.

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