PSL 2023: What new language is Erin Holland learning?

Australian model and sports presenter Erin Holland. — Instagram/erinvholland

Australian model and sports presenter Erin Holland, who is in the country as a presenter for the ongoing edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), is using her stay to add to her extensive list of skills.

Going on Instagram, Former Miss World Australia He shared his ground activities with Pakistani commentator Urooj Mumtaz.

In a video shared on the photo and video sharing platform, Holland showed off her linguistic skills and shared with fans some of the Urdu phrases she has learned.

“It’s time for Urdu lessons 101 with my vernacular teacher Ustad Arooj,” he shared.

In a fun video, Holland counts to 10 and also translates a few Urdu phrases, including “It is raining [it is raining]And “What is the problem? [what’s the problem?]”

The brilliant presenter looks like a vision in the video in its light. shalwar kameez And is very proud of her newfound talent – and so is her teacher.

Within an hour of the post being uploaded, the video received nearly 7,000 likes and nearly 100 comments.

Fans have also been impressed with the presenter’s talent and many have praised her talent, while others have gone head to head for her beauty.

recently, Holland took to Instagram to share a stunning selfie with bold red lips and extremely on-point eyeliner.

The sports presenter was dressed in a white dress with her beautiful hair cascading around her face in beautiful waves, setting makeup and hair goals all at once.

The presenter is popular among fans not only for his superb knowledge of cricket but also for his unbeatable fashion sense, which many take note of.

Holland, who is alongside her Pakistani counterpart Zainab Abbas in the PSL, is a much-loved celebrity in Pakistan and has been a dominant part of the tournament during her season. He participated in the fourth, fifth and seventh editions. Apart from his commentary, people love Holland for his dynamic personality and great dressing sense.

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