Paris Hilton speaks up on being ‘parodied’ in Pink’s Stupid Girls music video in her memoir

Paris Hilton discusses being ‘parodied’ in Punk’s Stupid Girls music video in her memoir.

Paris Hilton recently broke her silence on being a “parody” of punks. Stupid girls Video in a new memory, Paris: Memoir.

Earlier in 2006, Punk mocked Hilton in a music video that featured a girl who resembled the reality star.

“When everyone was buzzing about the sex tape of a certain teenage girl from a soon-to-be hit TV show — a girl who repeatedly insisted she didn’t want the tape out there — Tech way wassilly girlHilton wrote.

Hilton noted in her memoir that she was “tired and exhausted after a night out” but assured that the video would “be just for us”.

Hilton continued, “The whole video is not exactly a parody of ‘slutty paparazzi girls’ in general and, in particular, my infamous sex tape.”

Later, Punk also poked fun at other stars like Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and even Beyoncé in it, in addition to Hilton. Stupid girls Music video

“Pink sang about ‘outsiders and wannabe girls’ and said, ‘That’s what I want to see’. But she chose not to see that in me,” said Simple life The star

Hilton remarked that he is not “mad” at Punk.

“I have the attention span of a gnat, which means I get hold of anger and suck it up. Anyway, anger doesn’t help; honesty does. So, I’m honest now,” he concluded. .

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