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On March 14, a video was shared by a Twitter account. Variety In which Malala Yousafzai expressed her love for popular American singer Rihanna. The user mocked the Nobel Peace Prize laureate’s “English accent” and wished the activist had “training to speak properly”.

After this tweet circulated online, many people came to Yousafzai’s defense, including well-known actor Nadia Jameel. “Shame on you for making fun of our heroes,” he wrote, re-sharing the tweet with his followers. “You get shot in the face, paralyzing half of your face to stand up to educate girls and win the Nobel Prize for Pakistan.”

Before concluding, Jameel expressed his disdain for those who were “envious” of the Oxford graduate and yet felt inferior. “I blocked this profile only because the English accent is complex and no one is jealous of a very brave and fine young woman!” she said.

Twitterati also came forward to highlight the “colonial complex” of the anonymous profile and criticized the account for spreading unnecessary “negativity” online. “It’s too easy to send unnecessarily critical tweets from an anonymous account without daring to show your name or face. Besides, jealousy is a negative emotion that will eat you up. Maybe you can do better! ” Wrote a tweep.

Another Twitter user reminded everyone of Yousafzai’s achievements. “She is the youngest Nobel laureate in history, an Oxford University graduate who heads an international charity fund and has addressed the United Nations several times and survived an assassination attempt. Her English is perfect. , you don’t hate,” read the comment.

Others also requested the man to consider himself. “A colonist’s mind must have a limit! Ironically, the original colonist doesn’t care about her English, except that she has the status of a socialite there. But a random individual is not impressed. It is her own. Time to consider you,” the tweet said. .

Yousafzai was recently spotted on the red carpets of the 95th Academy Awards held this Sunday. The 25-year-old Pakistani actor attended film’s biggest awards as executive producer of the Oscar-nominated short documentary, Stranger at the Gate.

In addition to her advocacy work, Malala has also been involved in making films promoting education and social justice. However, regardless of his long list of victories, the idol continues to face criticism and ridicule online.

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