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Actress Iqra Aziz welcomed her baby Kabir Hussain early in her life and especially at a time when she was at the height of showbiz – not that she isn’t now. The actor, who often brings her child to work and has spoken about having a support system within the family, said she chose this life herself. Becoming an actor and mother was her decision and she is happy with it!

Reposting Indian actress Alia Bhatt’s latest interview with Humans of Bombay, in which she talked about welcoming Raha while being a young, established actor, Aziz shared that she was very impressed with Bhatt’s work. Resonating with emotions. “I chose to be an actor, I chose to be a mother. Life is hard, life is not easy. I can’t sit back and complain,” she wrote, giving fans some exciting news. “PS producer and entrepreneur coming soon.”

Bhatt spoke about her experience as a new mother in the interview. “Being a mom is new and challenging. It’s also the most fulfilling feeling. Sometimes, when my energy is low, or I’m not feeling well, just look at my baby and I have 1,000 watts. There’s energy,” he said. “At the end of the day, it’s something I chose. I chose to be a producer, an entrepreneur, an actor and a mother, so I chose all these different parts. So, I Can’t sit back and complain and be like ‘life is too hard’.”

In an earlier interview, Aziz emphasized the importance of being practical as a working mother. “I am a very practical person… I harden my heart and keep my emotional side under control. You always feel guilty as a mother when you leave your child somewhere and go to work. I Started working when Kabir was barely a month old. My mom told me that I don’t need to be too hard on myself because this is the career I have worked so hard for and she is there to help. … Your child will learn what it means to be independent from you. You are a role model.”

When asked if motherhood has influenced the types of roles she chooses, Iqra replied, “My personal life, husband and child, they don’t come between me and my work. It doesn’t affect who I am as an actor. It’s a separate part of my life.”

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