Army investigating death of female soldier at Fort Hood

The Army Criminal Investigation Division is investigating the death of a female soldier who died at Fort Hood, Texas, the military said Wednesday. Anna Basildorez, a combat engineer, had served with the 1st Cavalry Division for the past 15 months, private officials said.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of PV2 Ana Basalduaruiz, and we extend our condolences to her father, mother and her sister,” said Lt. Col. Patrick Sullivan, 91st Engineer Battalion commander. “Our thoughts and prayers are with her during this difficult time. She was an extraordinary colleague who will be missed.”

Basalduroz’s parents said that twenty officials told them that his death was a suicide. Telemundo News reported.. Her mother, Alejandra Ruiz Zarco, who lives in Michoacán, Mexico, where her daughter was raised, told Telemundo News that her daughter was attacked by a senior military officer and others on the base. Complained of sexual harassment.

Her sister Tweeted on Wednesday.“She (Anna) was only 21 years old… I will talk to the family soon, I find it very sensitive to talk about something that I am not fully aware of and it is also very moving for me. ”

The military is investigating the death of Pvt. Ana Basaldua Ruiz, a combat engineer, has served with the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood for the past 15 months.

Photo via The Pink Berets

The news comes as changes are coming to the beleaguered base following the deaths of soldiers. Including 20-year-old Vanessa Galenwho was allegedly killed by a fellow soldier. Galen went missing after she allegedly reported being sexually harassed by Army Spc. Aaron David Robinson. He shot himself dead when police tried to arrest him in connection with Galen’s murder.

Galen’s death led to a congressional investigation and the creation of the Fort Hood Independent Review Committee. whose 2020 report It concluded that sexual harassment and sexual assault were permitted in the Base Order. The report also found that Criminal Division investigators had insufficient experience and felt unsafe at the military base.

In 2021, the committee issued A series of 70 recommendationsThis includes stricter protocols and time to report a missing soldier, which the Army said will be implemented by October 2022.

The Pink Berets, a Texas-based nonprofit that works with women dealing with trauma in the military, released a statement Thursday on behalf of the family. “Our family wants to ensure that the women who serve in the United States military remain safe and secure,” the statement said. “America cannot be protected by soldiers who are victims of heinous crimes. The family is asking for support and a formal investigation into his death.”

Baldo Basaldua, her father, who lives in California, posted a video on Facebook of his daughters dancing and singing in the back seat of the car, writing, “Never leave me, I love you baby.”

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