7 injured after large tree limb falls at San Antonio Zoo

Woman dies after tree falls in Cupertino Park

Woman dies after tree falls in Cupertino Park


A large tree branch broke from a tree and fell on several people at the San Antonio Zoo on Wednesday, the zoo’s president and CEO confirmed to CBS News. The San Antonio Police Department said seven people were transported to hospitals, but one suffered injuries that were considered “priority.”

“Zoo first responders and local emergency personnel were on site within minutes to treat the injured,” zoo president and CEO Tim Morrow said in a statement, adding that the zoo has Investigating the incident to prevent recurrence of the abnormal incident. ”

CBS News has reached out to the police department for more information and is awaiting a response.

A video shared on social media by zoo-goer Brandi Lorraine shows the chaos after a large tree branch fell.

“People are down there,” Lorraine yells in the video, which shows zoo visitors crowding around the fallen limb and a child screaming and crying.

Lorraine told CBS News that the incident happened just before noon near the aviary section. She said via Facebook Messenger that she heard a loud crack, stood up from a nearby table she was sitting at and “saw the tree snap and fall, then chaos,” she said via Facebook Messenger.

“I just remember the screams of a child and a mother looking for her child, the tree brought down the power lines so they stopped us from going to the tree but there were many people there. [people] On the other hand Jo rushed to help,” she said.

He said he also saw a woman who was trying to help, visibly shaking and covered in someone else’s blood.

“It was just horrible to see and hear. I hope everyone is OK,” she said.

Earlier this month, a mother hikes in Rancho San Antonio Park in Cupertino, California. A tree fell and killed. over it, CBS San Francisco Da Lin and Betty Yu reported. The woman was hiking on the so-called “PG&E” with her son and fellow Boy Scouts and their parents. The trail got its name because of the power lines above it.

While witnesses said the wind was not strong, it didn’t take long to topple the trees, officials said, especially because the soil was saturated from recent storms that ravaged the area.

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