Woman hides a whole pizza in her fascinator at Cheltenham Festival Ladies Day

A race-goer caught a PizzaAction at Cheltenham Women’s Day – Wearing a domino themed charm dress with a surprise hidden inside.

Kate Willis took a gamble by arriving at the festival in sultry accessories, including a pepperoni passan pizza.

After being allowed in despite his unusual headgear, the 26-year-old posed for photos with race fans and shared some of his breakfast.

“I always attend Cheltenham and this year I wanted to do something different and combine two of my favorite things, fashion and dominoes, so I decided to make it real this year,” Willis said. said, who hails from London, and attended the event with her best friends.

After making the hat, I thought I’d bring a dominoes with me to eat while watching the race.

“I attached the boxes with alligator clips, a cinema base and used about 100 hair grips to make sure it didn’t fall off my head.

“It took a lot of scrutiny and my house is now full of hair grips, they’re all over the place.”

Willis’ strange – and frankly, genius – headpiece is sparking comments on social media, spotted and shared today (Tuesday March 15) by Twitter user Poppy Sheppard.

“As if someone had come to Cheltenham with a domino hat,” he Tweeted.

Kate Willis Wears Her Domino’s Pizza Fascinator at Cheltenham Festival 2023

(Jam Press/John Nguyen)

The annual festival dates back to the 1700s and includes four days of racing, culminating in the Gold Cup on Friday (March 17).

Frequented by members of the royal family, it’s a glitzy affair with men and women dressed to the nines.

A big change at this year’s event involves organizers ditching the usually strict dress code in an effort to encourage younger guests.

However, “offensive” fancy dress is still banned – thankfully pizza-themed hats aren’t on the list.

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