German police conduct raid against group of suspected human smugglers

German police German news agency DPA reported that a major raid was carried out on Wednesday morning against a group of suspected people smugglers.

About 400 officers, including federal police and the GSG9 special unit, searched more than 20 apartments and offices, mainly in Berlin, but also in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt.

According to dpa, five people were arrested, four in Berlin and one in the city of Halle, while another 12 suspects are under investigation.

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The group is said to have brought at least 90 people, most of whom were From Turkey and Iraq, to ​​Germany, with payments of several thousand euros each.

Police officers arrest a man during a raid in Berlin, Germany on March 15, 2023. German police have raided a group of suspected human traffickers. (Paul Zinken/dpa via AP)

They were flown from Istanbul to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia. From there, they continued by car to Germany via the so-called Balkan route. Some of them were discovered in apartments that police searched on Wednesday.

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Among the suspects are mainly Turkish or German citizenshipAccording to police

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