Wipro Fires 300 Employees For Moonlighting: Here’s How Companies Catch Such Acts

New Delhi:

The recent debate about moonlighting in the IT sector has raised several questions about the process.

The debate came after IT major Wipro laid off nearly 300 employees in the moonlight. Wipro chairman Rashad Premji had said at an event that the company had discovered 300 of its employees who were working directly for one of Wipro’s competitors. He further said that the services of these employees have been terminated.

Now, after Wipro’s move that has come as a shock to many tech professionals, let’s see how the firm could have held onto its moonshiners.

According to Sunil, CEO of Team Lease Digital, employees holding dual jobs can be caught through their PF account. If an employee uses the same IT tool for both jobs, the company can learn about it through HR intelligence, he added. The Hindu Business Line.

Highlighting that techies should be careful before taking up another job, Mr. Sunil added that employers can take help from banks to get the employee’s bank account information and inquire about moonlighting. .

Moonlighting is the practice where an individual takes on a secondary job while still on the company’s payroll. The reference to “moon” is used here because most people do their primary work during the day and their secondary work at night.

While firing his employees, Rashad Premji said that playing in a band on the weekend was different from secretly working for competitors. The chairman called Moonlighting a “fraud, plain and simple” and said he was unfazed by the hate mail he was receiving on his tweet. “Certain employees were found to be working under conditions that directly conflict with Wipro’s interests,” Wipro said in its latest statement.

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