To-Be-Bride And Groom, Take Notes To Achieve Flawless Skin On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most important days of your life as all eyes will be on you from your parents, friends to relatives and the pressure to look flawless is high. Deciding on the wedding dress, makeup and hairstyle, everything has to be done in advance. But, apart from that, what the bride and groom should emphasize more is their skin. Glowing and healthy skin will make you look confident and radiant and reduce wedding jitters.

A good skin care regimen and a few weeks of TLC can make all the difference. You can address your skin concerns like acne, blemishes, or pigmentation before your D-Day to help you achieve the look you want. In addition to indulging in a basic cleanser-exfoliate-toner-mask-moisturizer routine, brides and grooms to be, take notes to begin your journey to flawless and smooth skin.

6 months before marriage

See a dermatologist or consult a facialist to check for issues you want addressed because the skin takes time to show results. You can start with treatments that lighten pigmentation, lighten scars, and clear up congestion, sun spots, and more. These treatments may take about six sessions to achieve optimal results.

As you work on your skin’s appearance, remember that what you eat also shows up on your skin. Cut down on coffee and alcohol. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods. Eat fiber-rich foods like yams, yams, lentils, etc. A good workout will keep the blood flowing and add a layer of glow to your skin. Make sure you get adequate rest.

3 weeks before D-Day

Get a facial to remove dead skin cells and impurities. If a reaction occurs, your skin will have plenty of time to heal. While the salon takes care of your skin, you do your part and double your water intake. Avoid stress eating or overeating and stick to the diet you have been following for six months.

The day before the big day

Wash your face with cold water and apply aloe vera gel or ice cubes to relieve swelling. You can also apply a slice of cucumber on your eyes. Do not experiment on your skin before your wedding day. Keep drinking water or detox juice to stay hydrated.

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