Neither did India offer aid nor did Pakistan ask, says Bilawal

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. – France 24 screen grab
  • FM Bilawal says that the scale of climate disaster in Pakistan is truly apocalyptic.
  • Appreciates the global aid and response to the tragedy caused by the unprecedented floods.
  • Says the IMF must negotiate new terms as the floods blow away consensus estimates and figures.

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari explained Pakistan’s struggle to overcome the devastation caused by the recent climate disaster, saying that neither India nor Islamabad offered help to deal with the ravages of floods in the country. asked for it.

This statement came out while giving an interview to the French news agency France 24 When asked if Pakistan was getting any help from its biggest neighbor India.

The Foreign Minister said that Pakistan is still in an active state. trouble And the scale of climate catastrophe in Pakistan is truly apocalyptic. Appreciating the global response to the tragedy and the aid still pouring in from various countries, he said that he could not even count the names of these countries on his fingers, but that India was not one. of them.

Explaining Pakistan’s current relationship with India, Bilawal said the country has a long and complicated history with India, which is no longer a secular state as promised by its founders.

“Unfortunately, India today is a changed one. India. It is no longer the secular India that its founders promised to all its citizens.

It is fast becoming a Hindu-dominated India at the expense of its Christian and Muslim minorities, and not just the Muslim minorities within India, but the unfortunately disputed territory of Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). in.

He referred to the move of August 2019, when the Indian government revoked the special status of the IIOJK, and said that these recent moves and initiatives have left little room for Pakistan to join.

Bilawal added that India’s “absolutely racist” and “Islamophobic” policy has created a reaction not only in Kashmir but across India.

The foreign minister said that the Muslim minority in India is being persecuted and feels insecure. He also said that it is an active policy of the state how the Indian government is treating its own Muslim citizens.

“You can only imagine how they are treating the Muslims of Pakistan and IIOJK,” he said.

Bilawal further said that I am sure that the young generation on both sides want to see peaceful countries.

Unprecedented floods

Bilawal said that the country is still in the stage of prevention and relief from this tragedy.

“This monster monsoon that Pakistan experienced started in mid-June and ended in late August. Once the rain finally stopped, it left a 100-kilometer-long lake in the middle of my country that can be seen from space. could be seen.

Bilawal Bhutto said that flood in Pakistan is a global disaster and it should be understood globally. He said that an agreement has been signed recently. The IMF For economic stability, however, all estimates and figures for the agreement were also washed away by the recent flood.

Pakistan has lost 30 billion dollars due to floods, he added that the situation has changed after the floods, IMF should discuss new terms.

He said that we do not want aid but justice from the international community.

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