Malala says she’d protest if forced to remove scarf

Malala Yousafzai, Nobel laureate and girl’s education rights activist. – Instagram

The death of 22-year-old Iranian woman Mohsa Amini in the custody of the Morality Police caused a stir across the country. Unrest and protest In Iran, what could be called some of the country’s worst riots since street clashes over water shortages last year.

Amini died last week in Tehran after being arrested for wearing it. “Inappropriate Dress”. She went into a coma while in custody. Authorities have said they will begin an investigation into the cause of his death.

Nobel laureate and girls’ education rights activist Malala Yousafzai, herself a victim of persecution, has expressed solidarity with Amini.

Condemnation of Amini Death And the motive behind it, Malala emphasized a woman’s right to choose.

“Whatever a woman chooses to wear, she has the right to decide for herself. As I have said before: If someone forces me to cover my head, I will protest. If someone forces me to take off my headscarf. I will protest,” said an Instagram story by Malala with a cutout of Amini’s photo.

The education activist went on to demand justice for Amini.

The tragedy that claimed Amini’s life sparked outrage and disapproval from various celebrities around the world. Supermodel Bella Hadid and American singer Halsey were also among them.

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