Dhoni opens up about why he never loses his cool on the field

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni. – Reuters

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni has revealed why he never gets angry on the field, he said that he controls his emotions and he is also human. India Today.

Dhoni said that wrong fielding and dropped catches are a part of every game.

“Honestly, when we’re on the field we don’t want to make any mistakes whether it’s wrong fielding, dropping a catch or any other mistake,” the Indian publication quoted the star cricketer as saying.

DhoniConsidered one of the most successful leaders when it comes to captaincy, said that the reason he was able to stay calm was because he imagined himself in the shoes of the players and the reasons and possibilities. I think they may have come to the wrong field. or Drop Setters.

“Getting angry doesn’t help matters. Already 40,000 people are watching from the stands and crores of people are watching the match (on TV and other streaming platforms),” Dhoni said.

It may be remembered that the current Indian captain Rohit Sharma was seen turning away from the Indian bowler. Arsdeep Singh For dropping a very easy catch in the Pakistan vs India match in the Asia Cup. The dropped catch was considered a turning point in the game that ended with the victory for the Greenshirts.

There have been times when Sharma has reportedly been harsh with his team members for their mistakes on the field. Cricket fan He replied in the negative For this behavior.

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