US task force recommends anxiety and depression screenings for adults

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United States Preventive Services Task Force Screening for anxiety and depression is recommended for adults as mental health concerns increase among Americans.

The task force recommends that adults under the age of 65 undergo screening for anxiety. Meanwhile, the depression policy is recommended for all adults, including pregnant and postpartum. This recommendation applies only to individuals who do not have symptoms of these mental conditions.

Lori Pubert, a member of the task force, said the task force reviewed the evidence for anxiety, depression and suicide risk screening to address the critical need to support the mental health of adults in primary care. Statement. “The good news is that screening all adults for depression, including those who are pregnant and postpartum, and screening adults under 65 for anxiety, can help identify these conditions early so that people can be linked to care.”

Under the new guidance, anxiety is classified. Generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, separation anxiety disorder, phobias, and selective mutism. The task force says screening and follow-up care can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, but calls for more research on its importance in relation to suicide risk.

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The Task Force classifies anxiety through several elements, including generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, separation anxiety disorder, phobias, and selective mutism.

“The task force is very concerned about the mental health of people across the country. Unfortunately, screening for anxiety in adults 65 and older and screening for suicide risk is limited to all adults, so we Urgently calling for more research,” said Gbenga Ogedegbe, MD. , a member of the Task Force. “In the absence of evidence, health care professionals should use their judgment based on the individual patient’s circumstances when determining whether to screen.”

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UTSF is comprised of volunteer medical professionals who strive to make evidence-based recommendations for screening, counseling and preventive medicine to improve the health of Americans. Task force positions do not represent official Department positions. Health and Human Services.

An evidence review of the draft proposal is open for public comment until 17 October.

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