Mufti Menk calls Pakistan’s tea ‘number one’ | The Express Tribune

A prominent Zimbabwean Islamic scholar, Mufti Manik, visited flood-hit areas in Pakistan to highlight the plight of flood victims and raise funds. However, that’s not all he said during his visit to Pakistan. On his way to the affected areas in Sindh, Alam stopped at a tea dhaba and described it as the “number one” tea in the world.

On Monday, he uploaded a video on his Instagram in which he enjoyed tea at a stopover during his trip to Sindh. “Mashallah we’re drinking some super Madina tea on a highway in Pakistan. We stopped at this beautiful place. It’s an amazing experience, beautiful culture, amazing people, and this tea is #1 mashallah,” he said in the clip. say

In another video uploaded to his gram, he is seen covering his face in a mask. “Secret in Pakistan?” He captioned it describing how the mask helped him enjoy the experience of sitting at a dhaba without being recognized by the public.

Tea aside, Manik’s Instagram grid is full of videos and photos from his trip to Pakistan as he describes the devastating effects of the floods as “unimaginable”. “Please do whatever you can with any trusted charity or partner for those affected, we will have to help for the next few years,” he wrote.

The Islamic scholar, who has millions of followers on various social media platforms, said he had visited parts of Sindh with the sole purpose of “bringing some relief and telling about the plight of these millions of people.” Create more awareness among those affected by this devastating flood.”

He also sent apologies and love to his followers in the country for not being able to go anywhere other than the flood-hit areas. “Please forgive me for not being able to attend any unrelated meetings, visits, or invitations. I made no exceptions. I love you all!” he added.

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