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After months of speculation and rumours, actor Feroze Khan has confirmed that he and his wife of four years, Syeda Aliza Sultan, have separated. Alizah took to social media to share that she had “endured infidelity, blackmail and degradation” from Feroze.

gave Names of the murderers of Hussain Actress Meher Banu came out in support of Alizah and expressed her stand on the previous allegations of abuse against her husband. Feroze has often faced criticism for playing disturbing roles on screen.

Mehr Banu wrote in an Instagram story, “Your favorite hero’s characters on television seem “authentic” because that’s who they are in real life. “I’m disgusted, I can’t imagine this young, beautiful girl. What has he had to go through all these years.”

In an interview with BBC Urdu Last month, Feroze spoke on local television about the portrayal of men. He had said, “I think humans should not be shown as animals every time in dramas.” This creates an image in our society that if a man stands by you, he will beat you, insult you and destroy your life.

Referring to his earlier roles that faced similar criticism, he adds, “I have played roles like Azar. keep silentin Mir Hadi Khani And in the answer Oh dust What you might call toxic, but they never ended up where their actions were praised. In the end, he could not use his power to avoid the consequences of his actions. They paid the price for their crimes and wrongdoings.

Aliza spoke about ‘abusive marriage’

“Our four-year marriage was a complete mess,” Aliza said in a statement. Adding that after careful consideration, she has “come to the sad conclusion that I cannot live my whole life in this horrible way.”

Aliza commented, “My children’s well-being played an important role in this decision. I don’t want them to grow up in a toxic, unhealthy and violent household. Exposure to such a hostile environment is life-threatening. It will have a negative impact.”

Elaborating further, she shared, “No child should grow up experiencing violence as a normal part of relationships. I will teach them that no wound is too deep to heal. “No stain is too shameful to be hidden at the cost of one’s safety.”

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