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Protests erupted in Iran over the death of Mehsa Amini, a 22-year-old girl who was arrested by “morality police” for allegedly breaking hijab rules. He never revived it. Celebrities from all over the world have expressed their grief over this horrible tragedy. Supermodel Bella Hadid was among the first to talk on Instagram. Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai and American singer Halsey also followed suit.

Posting a photo of Amini while she was in the hospital, Bella captioned the post, “Just wow. Rest in peace Mehsa Amini. You didn’t deserve this. Sending prayers to her family and loved ones.” She reposted a series of photos uploaded by photographer Amanda de Cadenet, who wrote, “This is the devastating and shocking story of a woman who allegedly ‘wrongly’ wears the hijab. Beaten and killed because of. Mahsa Amini was taken by the ‘Morality Police’ to teach her about the hijab and never revived.

Sharing on her Instagram stories, Malala wrote, “Whatever a woman wants to wear, she has the right to decide for herself. As I have said before: I will protest if someone forces me to cover my head. If someone forces me to take off my scarf, I will protest. “I am demanding justice for Mehsa Amini,” she added.

Meanwhile, Halsey shared, “’My Body, My Choice’ is not reserved for women in the West. Every woman has the right to decide if hijab is her way. Or if it isn’t.” Halsey said that while local media in Tehran are reporting that Mehsa suffered a heart attack, “her family and activists believe that the death was caused by police brutality. He added that the victim’s family is demanding the release of unaltered CCTV footage, which shows what really happened. What this means for activists erupting across Iran in response to the tragedy.”

Singer concluded with, “Two simple concepts are at hand: It’s a woman’s choice. And no woman deserves to die at the hands of law enforcement because of her personal expression of faith, or lack thereof.” . Mehsa Amini had no choice. Not even a choice to live or die. The world mourns him with great force.”

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