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Pakistan Nursing Council has decided to close all illegal nursing schools and colleges across the country.

It has also been decided to resolve pending cases of registration and license renewal of nurses on an urgent basis.

President of Pakistan Nursing Council Dr. Shazia Subia Soomro while briefing the media said that online registration of nurses will be ensured in future. He said that action will be taken against nursing schools and colleges that do not meet the standards of Pakistan Nursing Council.

Dr. Shazia said that the registration cards will be delivered to the nurses at home so that they do not have to go to Islamabad to get them. He said that the pending registration and renewal of nurses’ licenses will be expedited.

The President of Pakistan Nursing Council said that the previous government had issued ordinances to do the work arbitrarily.

He said that the nursing board will be strengthened and a task has been set before the election. He said that there are many complaints against the nursing council and those who are involved in illegal activities will be punished. He said that the black sheep in the Pakistan Nursing Council will be eliminated.

Pakistan Nursing Council Vice President Faridullah Shah said that the registration of nursing colleges has been approved. He said that the inspector will decide the matter on the spot during the inspection.

On the election of parliamentarians as president of nursing council, Faridullah Shah said that the president should be elected from among the parliamentarians. He said that the election of the Parliamentary Secretary to the administrative post will help in solving the problems faced by the Pakistan Nursing Council.

Fauzia Mushtaq, registrar of the Pakistan Nursing Council, said that several cases were pending due to the submission of incomplete documents by the applicants.

Published in The Express Tribune on September 23.rd2022.

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