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A modern digital X-ray machine worth Rs 50 lakh was installed in the emergency department of Ayub Teaching Hospital (ATH) Abbottabad on Thursday.

This facility will be useful not only for the people of Hazara Division but also for patients coming from Gilgit and Azad Kashmir.

Three computed radiography (CR) systems were purchased for the hospital’s radiology department, one of which was installed in the ATH emergency, while the other two CRs will be installed in the main radiology department. This will save patients from the hassle of going to another floor for X-rays.

With the addition of three CR systems, all departments will be shifted to a digital X-ray facility. The Board of Governors of Ayub Medical Institution has also approved the installation of more modern machines to improve the hospital and ensure better facilities to the patients. The entire body will be scanned through this modern digital X-ray machine. However, X-rays will be taken only of the required part.

Wild pigs are destroying crops.

Panic spread among the people of Qalandabad as they saw wild boars in their village in broad daylight. In the villages of Banda Pir Khan, Karimabad, Maira Butting, Kalor, Chantry, Terhana, Buji and Meri Patian, the standing maze crops were destroyed by animals.

Published in The Express Tribune on September 23.rd2022.

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