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Singer Aima Baig has been in the headlines ever since British model Talulah Mir accused her ex-fiancé Shahbaz Shagri of cheating on her with filmmaker Qais Ahmed, who was dating the model at the time.

The whole controversy has led to a deterioration in Baig’s mental health, who has urged his followers to empathize with him and not blindly trust people who are sharing things online for “money” and “followers”. are Referring to videos posted by Mayer on Instagram, the Baazi singer claimed that “she was told what to say in the videos and even to her boyfriend.” [Ahmed] It knows.”

While Shaggy has yet to comment on the situation, many celebrities have expressed their support for the former couple, especially Beg.

Anush Ashraf apologized to the singer for what she had to go through. “Sad to see someone’s private matter become public in such terrible taste. No one needed to hear that. Two people decided it wasn’t working, and that was it. Joe making the video and Laying it down is showing us a clear reflection of what’s inside them. Hatred, negativity and revenge, are things no human should have to endure. Sending you love, Ima. Public eye. It’s not easy being me, I’m sorry someone decided to air their dirty laundry in public. Stay strong,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

Mathira also found the whole drama distasteful and asked people to “give Aima and Shehbaz a break.” He wrote, “I’m so sorry Aima for what people put you through. It’s disgusting how people jump and make one. spectacle Outside of one’s personal life. It’s funny how this girl accuses her boyfriend and then they both sit and record the call. I think they wanted fame and drama. People need to rest. Stop putting people’s mental health at stake.”

After months of speculation, Baig confirmed the news of his and Shagri’s split on Friday evening. The former couple announced their engagement last year. Taking to Instagram, the Do Bol crooner shared that the pair are ‘doing good and good.’

“Yes, I will always respect the person who is giving me a good time,” Aima shared in a statement on social media. “Sometimes, sh*t happens for a reason. And to answer all your questions, yes we’ve parted ways. But we’re both doing well and good, so don’t worry. “

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