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On September 16, singer Aima Baig confirmed her separation from ex-fiancé actor Shahbaz Shagri in an Instagram post that was soon deleted. Days later, in a surprising turn of events, he was accused by British supermodel Tallulah Mayer of cheating on Shagri with filmmaker Qais Ahmed.

After two days of complete silence from the singer and brutal internet trolling about the same play The singer finally took to Instagram to address the controversy surrounding her personal life. Her note does not definitively answer whether the allegations against her are true or not, but she does say that people should check the “authenticity” of the evidence provided and posted for “money”. Half-baked stories should not be believed. and “followers”

Did you all speak? Kirlia bully or still or thora rahte ha se wu bhi kirlin. [Have you all said your peace? Have you bullied me enough or have you still got some more left to do, go ahead and do it.] Without knowing the whole truth. Now tell me a little something [now can I say a little something]? he asked in a lengthy note written in a series of Instagram stories posted on Wednesday evening.

Referring to her breakup announcement with Shagri, she added, “Although I left a very respectful statement to end this whole situation. But some people want to stay. [quiet because] They know how much more ugly things will come out, not only about them, but also about their families. I still want to maintain the respect I had for those people. Actually for that one person and family because ‘I wasn’t raised that way’.

“I can’t make fun of people who have died or how they used their significant other and then act like they’re the victim,” the 27-year-old said rather cryptically. People who know this person personally have nothing to say about this matter because they knew the truth before you came to know it. And trust me they know why it happened. ,” he wrote.

‘straight up bullying’

“Whatever happened, I’m going through some major shock, depression right now because people don’t know what really happened. And these extra people who just want some followers and money, please give them that so they can live their lives. can proceed with,” he said, perhaps referring to Mayer.

In Bagg’s opinion, the whole situation is “straight up bullying and targeting.” He said that what bothered him in the past few days was how his fans and people on the Internet “believed the allegations of some random people without knowing the real truth and the real story behind it. Just looking for a few followers?”

In his next story, he asks people for recommendations for a “good doctor” as well as some money that he needs to send to the person spreading controversy about him. Directly referencing the videos posted by Maier, she alleged that the model “bleeps on purpose.[ed] Posted a few words and only half a video. She also claimed that she was “being told what to say by the texts and even her boyfriend in these videos. [Ahmed] It knows.”

‘The right to dignity is a human right’

In his final story, he urged people to verify the “evidence” they see on the Internet before acting as a judge. “The right to dignity is a human right. Since internet users act as a jury, you are entitled to your opinion but I urge you to ensure that it is guided by the overall narrative.” Be it the context and authenticity of the ‘evidence’ presented, otherwise a woman or man is safe from slander and harassment. It should not be easy to degrade women and target them for revenge for insurmountable problems with their partners. ” he said.

gave speak up The singer said she will bounce back from this mess with more music. “I’ve been through enough in life to be strong enough to fight back. I’m going to bounce back with the only thing I put out into the world: my music.”

At the end, she asked fans to show her some sympathy and realize what a difficult time she is going through. She also expressed her concern about how sharing ‘dirty laundry’ without authentic evidence can create a toxic environment for women online. “It’s me today, it could be you tomorrow. Obviously, it’s not an easy time for me. Take a moment to put yourself in my shoes. I’ve never claimed to be perfect, but I am. doesn’t mean I am what I am being portrayed as. Public figures are human too, please remember that,” he said.

Shagri has not yet commented on the matter.

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