Why Maren Morris may not attend the CMA Awards

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times published Tuesday, Morris discussed her recent feud with Britney and Jason Aldean. Morris was criticized for comments he made on Instagram about young people receiving gender-affirmation care.

“I’m so honored that my record has been nominated,” Morris said of his CMA nomination. “But I don’t know if I feel it. [at] A lot of people I love will be in this room right now, and maybe I’ll make a gametime decision and leave. But as of now, I don’t feel comfortable going.”

Morris felt the need to stand up against prejudice in the country music community.

“I hate feeling like I need to be the hall monitor for treating people like human beings in country music,” Morris told the publication. “It’s exhausting. But there’s a very insidious culture of people who feel very comfortable being transphobic and homophobic and racist, and that they can wrap it up in a joke and nobody will call them that. So will never cry. It becomes normal for people to behave like this.”

Morris has recently been criticized by some conservatives for speaking out against transphobia, with Fox News host Tucker Carlson calling him a “crazy country music person.”

The singer has since partnered with LGBTQ advocacy organization GLAAD and Trans Lifeline to release a shirt with the phrase. Collecting money For organizations supporting transgender youth. The effort has raised more than $150,000 so far.

She also plans to continue speaking her mind.

“I don’t think I’ve lost any fans over it,” Morris said. “I’ve been very clear from the get-go. It’s useless when artists keep quiet, keep quiet, keep quiet, and then eventually they reach their breaking point and have to say something because something is so unfair or It’s disgusting. And then she tries to tell her husband because they’re still building. [his own music career]: Tell people where you stand. Those who don’t get it will fall, but those who stay with you will know what they are contributing to.”

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