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“The Bachelorette” costars Gabe Vande and Rachel Riccia look on Dramatic The two-part season finale.

At the beginning of the finale, Both women was a final contender. Riccia was left with Tino Franco while Vande was with Erich Schur, who was reluctant to propose to her.

Richia was ready to get engaged but during the live segment of the show she revealed that she and Tino were having problems and that Tino had kissed another woman during their relationship. He explained that he met the woman before the shooting of the film and they kissed after meeting each other in a bar.

After he accuses Rechia of refusing to go to therapy, the two fight on the ring. “Is there a way to make this work?” he asked before leaving.

He returned only to walk again.

The two battled until host Jesse Palmer told Richia that someone “asked for a chance to talk to you,” which brought runner-up Evan Jones on stage. Rechiya went with him.

Meanwhile, Erich proposes to Wende, and the latter is confident in his decision.

After confronting Palmer about rumors of her going on the show for work opportunities, she called herself a coward for her behavior but said her love for Vande was real.

Palmer later introduced Recchia’s second runner-up, Zach Shallcross, as the next season’s “Bachelor”. Voters gave the first impression rose on Twitter, which went to a woman named Brianna, so she automatically makes it to the first week in the mansion.

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