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One does not realize the true essence of love until it is tested. Disha and Shwetanik surprisingly met each other through a matrimonial site and it was only a matter of time until they realized that they were very special for each other. In a chat with ETimes Lifestyle, Disha and Shwetanik talk about how online dating has completely changed their lives, taking them from being strangers across two states to being hesitant. !

Have you ever thought you could find love online?
Shwetank: Not really. But after hearing so many stories from colleagues and friends I thought of giving it a shot for it. I really wanted to meet someone I could connect with. After a good six months, I met one. We just clicked and we started chatting which later turned into calls. And boom! We are bound for life.

Disha: They say love happens when you least expect it, which happened to us. One fine evening, Shwetnik called me randomly that his father saw my matrimonial profile. He liked you and wanted us to connect. I was like, “Um, yeah, okay, tell me,” and we had a long conversation, talking about everything from my profession to my interests and life after COVID. That one call led to several more calls and late-night conversations over six months.

How is online dating different from finding love around you?
Schwetnick: Traditional dating depends on finding someone who is first and foremost appealing to the eye. With online dating, initial impressions are shaped by various factors, for example, age, profession and side interest since there is no first eye contact. In online dating, your first impression really matters because the other person can easily get disconnected and then there is no going back. You have to be honest about what you do or how you are in person in real life.

Disha: I love the concept of online dating. You get the freedom and platform to connect with the person of your choice. Chatting with someone before meeting them also gives you an idea of ​​what kind of person they are and whether or not you can get along.

What do you dislike about online dating?

Schwetnick: Low Response Rate – Women are bombarded with more messages than they know what to do with. That cute girl you’re thinking of messaging already has 100 messages like you. So, it’s hard to get along with someone unless they talk to you.

Disha: We were online dating, lived in two different cities, so long distance was something I hated the most because there are days when you miss your partner, and they are around. There are not. But I believe it also kept alive the spark and excitement of seeing each other every month.

Were you projecting your perfect side while online dating or via text? Or were you your true self?
Shwetank – In the beginning I was a bit nervous and was presenting a great side of myself. But after a few weeks, I was comfortable and started sharing things with her like how I am in person. I think one should always share things when surely sharing your things on the go can hurt you if the other person is just fooling around.

Disha: Since I was looking for someone to settle down with, I was clear in my mind that I should portray my true self and let the other person decide whether they love me for life. can do.

Can you tell us what your dating bio was?
Shwetnik: Bios were the best thing to read because of course they were created by parents. But when I first saw Disha’s bio, I was a little skeptical because this girl is a vegetarian, and doesn’t party or drink. On the other hand, I loved partying and eating chicken every alternate day. But still, I gave it a shot and we talked. Guess what! We had similar habits – we were both party people, travelers and big foodies.

Disha: I don’t really remember but it had to do with who I was and my likes and dislikes.

Is connecting on online dating apps as exciting as meeting someone in a physical location?
Shwetank: Both online and in-person meetings have their own charisma. People can be different from each other but love each other. Whereas, two people may not like each other even though they have the same thought process. We just clicked and became #dalchawal for life.

Disha: Both are equally special in their own way, but meeting someone online creates a different level of excitement, especially in the first meeting.

What attracted you to your partner online?
Shwetank: I found Disha very sweet, caring and honest. That bubble in it took my heart. Her smile and eyes are always there whenever I think of her. In fact I got so used to seeing her smiling face that my poetic side woke up and I wrote something about her different moods and her smile.

Disha: What attracted me to him was his sweet, loving and caring nature for his people. His optimism, calm and enthusiastic nature and passion for the things he does and loves is what drew me to him. Her love of animals and random poems and writings made me feel so loved!

Have you found any fake profiles or false identities online? Any tips to tell if someone is real or fake?
Shwetanik: When you talk to someone for a while, you get to know whether someone is lying to you or being truthful. In any case, you come across some fake profiles and spend a lot of time on them. Gradually, this way you will know whether they are fake or genuine.

Disha: I personally have not come across any fake profile but I know some friends who have faced similar situations. In such platforms, I believe one should not blindly trust anyone and listen to your instincts if one smells something fishy.

Was it love at first sight when you two met or did you take your time getting to know your partner?
Shwetank: This is a story of ‘two states’. I was in Delhi and she was in Nagpur. We met online during the pandemic, so we started with chat, then calls and later video calls. We were very much in love over a period of five to six months. But since we hadn’t seen each other in person, we didn’t want to jump to any conclusions. Soon travel permission was granted and we planned to meet. With all these restrictions I took a flight to Nagpur, we spent our day where Disha took me places and we decided it was time to take our next step and be together forever.

Disha: It wasn’t love at first sight, but the more we talked, the more I fell for him. Our similar nature, love of dogs, food, clubbing and traveling brought us closer.

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