Spanish tourist bitten by monkeys at India’s Taj Mahal

The woman was seen crying after being bitten by the monkey. – Screengrab via Twitter.
  • Woman tourist attacked while taking picture of monkey
  • Monkey attacks on heritage sites have increased.
  • Tourists get very close to the monkeys, said an archaeologist at the Taj Mahal.

The monkeys attacked. A Spanish woman visiting India’s Taj Mahal is leaving with bite wounds.

gave The tourist In a video circulating on social media, Sandra was seen crying while some people bandaged her injured leg.

According to , he was admitted to a local hospital. India Today

Prince Vajpayee, conservation assistant at the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) at the Taj Mahal, said the woman was taking photographs of the monkey at the heritage site when she was attacked. After first aid he was referred to hospital for professional help.

Solanki, a local photographer, claimed that monkey attacks have increased in the past few days. He said some people complained but most left without doing so.

A senior tour guide, Monika Sharma, also said that monkey attacks were on the rise despite “repeated complaints”, the report said. Times of India.

According to Taj Mahal Superintending Archaeologist Rajkumar Patel, a team of ASI personnel was deployed to protect the tourists from the monkeys.

“We have informed the Agranagar Nigam and the local administration about the threat of monkeys in the Taj Mahal premises,” he said.

On September 11, a tourist from Tamil Nadu was attacked and another woman from Sweden was also attacked, Solanki said. Two more women from Spain were reportedly attacked on September 14.

Patel accused the tourists of getting too close to them for pictures and selfies.

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