Shashi Tharoor’s Next A Biography On Dr Ambedkar

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has recently announced that he will bring out a biography of BR Ambedkar next month. The book, published by Aleph, will provide an insight into the life and times of the legendary leader.

The press brief added that the leader’s controversies with the titans of the era namely Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi will also be covered.

In Ambedkar: A Life, Tharoor will also attempt to answer the question of whether Ambedkar was the greatest Indian of modern times. The Congress MP traces Ambedkar’s life from his birth on April 14, 1891 in a Mahar family in the Bombay Presidency to his death in Delhi on December 6, 1956.

He also describes the many “humiliations and obstacles” Ambedkar had to overcome in a society that stigmatized the community in which he was born, and the sheer determination with which he Overcame every obstacle that came our way, said a statement from publisher Elief.

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“We are given an insight into Ambedkar’s various battles to outlaw untouchability, his conflicts with other political and intellectuals of his era including Gandhi and Nehru, and his determination to invest. India With a visionary constitution incorporating the inalienable rights of the individual and modern concepts of social justice.

In doing so, according to Tharoor, Ambedkar “changed the lives of millions of people yet to be born, transforming an ancient civilization into the modern age by the power of his intellect and the power of his pen”.

The book is releasing on October 1. Statues of Ambedkar across the country are second only to statues of Mahatma Gandhi. He even surpassed Gandhi in a recent poll to determine the “Greatest Indian” of modern times, with more than 20 million votes cast.

All major political parties are fighting each other to claim it as their own. For Dalits, he is a revered figure who was primarily responsible for outlawing untouchability and fighting for respect for the community. And, above all, he is hailed as the father of the Constitution of India.

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