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Comedian Raju Srivastava, a popular face in the entertainment industry, passed away. Srivastava has been on ventilator since August 10 after collapsing while running on a treadmill.

Despite the angioplasty procedure, Srivastava’s health has remained unchanged since that day.

According to hospital sources, Raju Srivastava was declared brought dead at 10.20 am. “I got a call from the family about half an hour ago that he is gone, it’s really sad news. He was fighting in the hospital for 40 days,” Deepu Srivastava told PTI. told.

Comedian Raju Srivastava suffers heart attack at the gym: 6 symptoms of this critical condition everyone should know

On 10 August, Srivastava suffered a heart attack while on a treadmill. He collapsed during exercise. His cousin Ashok Srivastava told the media the same day, “He was doing his usual exercise and suddenly fell down while on the treadmill.”

Soon after that he was admitted to AIIMS Hospital in New Delhi and underwent angioplasty on the same day.

He underwent angioplasty on August 10.

Also known as balloon angioplasty and percutaneous transluminal angioplasty, this procedure is used to widen blocked or narrowed arteries and veins caused by arterial atherosclerosis.

The purpose behind the angioplasty procedure is to break up the fatty plaque that forms in the blood vessels and is recommended for people whose heart function is already compromised.

Cardiac arrest during exercise

Srivastava’s health condition has sent waves of shock and grief among his fans and followers. At the time of his heart attack, many questions were raised about how safe exercise is for heart health. According to his cousin, he was exercising regularly.

According to experts, cardiac arrest during exercise is inevitable in cases where blockages in blood vessels are overlooked or undiagnosed. Sometimes exercise can cause electrical disturbances in the heart that can lead to a heart attack. Even strenuous exercise can rupture fatty plaques, which can lead to a heart attack.

Gajodhar, immensely popular as Srivastava, had a brilliant career in the industry. Apart from the entertainment industry, he also had a political career. He contested the 2014 Lok Sabha elections from Kanpur as a Samajwadi Party candidate. However, he left the party citing reasons and later joined the BJP.

  1. What happened to Raju Srivastava?
    Comedian Raju Srivastava collapsed while exercising on August 10. He was admitted to AIIMS, New Delhi where he underwent angioplasty. He was on ventilator for 41 days. He died on September 21.
  2. How old was Raju Shrivastava?
    Raju Srivastava was 58 years old when he passed away leaving behind an illustrious career in comedy and entertainment.
  3. Where is Raju Shrivastava from?
    Raju Srivastava was born on 25 December 1963 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
  4. What about Raju Shrivastava’s family?
    Raju Srivastava was married to Shikha. The couple has two children: son Ayushmann and daughter Antara.

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