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Singer Aima Baig has found herself in hot waters after a British model accused her of cheating on her ex-boyfriend Qais Ahmed during her engagement to actor Shehbaz Shagri.

News of Ahmed and Baig’s alleged romance spread when Talulah Mir called out the Pakistani singer on Instagram for having an affair with her boyfriend. Maier’s main Instagram account, which has now been deactivated, shared that Ahmed had cheated on her several times with Baig.

British model charges

“It was actually Aimah Baig, the girl he was actually cheating on me with,” Maier shared on her Instagram story. “she is [Ahmed] Not really a very thoughtful person, but I am. So, one of the first gifts I bought her was a personalized Zippo. It was really meaningful to me. Fast forward a few years and when he went to Dubai to meet Aima, they were living together and she flew him out. They were having a great time and you know what gift he bought her? A personalized Zappo,” Mayer alleged.

In another story, Mayer said, “It’s going to get a lot of attention because this lady is pretty famous in Pakistan or, as Qes delicately put it when he was gloating about cheating on me, “One of the most famous women of Pakistan”.

He then shared a candid screenshot of his and Shagri’s chat. In the above screenshot, the actor shared that it is not an easy thing to believe that he [Ahmed and Baig] Actually not cheated in the full sense of the word.’ The screenshot further reads that Shagri is reportedly asking for more screenshots. “I would be very grateful,” he apparently wrote to Mayer. “Better to know now than later.” He added speculatively, “On the other hand, I would say – at some point, all we can do is choose where we’re willing to push our limits and believe in the people we meet.” Love (as imperfect as they are).”

Qais Ahmed issued a statement.

Ahmed, after Mayer’s allegations, took to Instagram and shared his side of the story. “I have been made aware that a woman from my past has been saying some inappropriate things about me. She has accused me of stealing from her and without context screenshots and false facts. Reaching out to people I know.” wrote “Earlier this year, he did a very similar thing where he relayed the same story to my clients. He then asked me to pay him 10,000 euros and on the advice of his family. After much frustration, I decided to pay to get it. Peace.”

“This woman has never had a job. She’s been staying away from sugar daddies for the past few years, even when we were together,” Ahmed accused Mayer. He commented how Mayer “suffers from severe mental health issues, which is very sad.” “She’s been through a lot so it’s understandable, however, I can’t just sit back and allow this nonsense to continue. She literally extorted €10,000 from me,” Ahmed added. Leah, made extremely racist comments, cheated on me throughout the relationship and accused me of doing all of the above to her.”

Alleging how Mayer is currently unemployed and has spent the money she ‘got from Ahmed’, she wrote, “I will not stand for this. I will not take legal action until then.” Until his mental health is assessed.”

In another Instagram story, Ahmed wrote, “For those who ask why I stayed with him. [Mair] For so long, the truth is, I loved him. I ignored many red flags, such as emotional abuse, extreme reactions, and insanity from his drug use. I felt sympathy until now. I’m sure that’s exactly what she wants because she hasn’t asked for money this time. I’ve had experiences with people with psychosis before and his behavior seems to reflect that. If you really care for him, I guess I would ask you not to encourage his behavior until he is seen by the mental health team.”

Both Shagri and Baig ignored the matter. The Express Tribune has contacted Baig’s management for a statement and is currently awaiting a comment.

Baig confirmed the separation from Shagri.

Last week, the Coke Studio singer confirmed that she and Shagri had split after a year of engagement. “Yes, I will always respect the person who is giving me a good time,” Baig said in a statement on social media. “Sometimes, sh*t happens for a reason. And to answer all your questions, yes we’ve parted ways. But we’re both doing well and good, so don’t worry. “

The singer added, “I wanted to do it in the most respectful way and I did. People can choose their own ways of expressing their emotions, which define who they are on the inside. Or They are not together. And the answer is, no, Shahbaz and I are not together anymore.” She ended her statement with, “PS: No more ‘regret texts’ please! We’re doing just fine.”

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