Prince Harry ‘caught up’ in Royal Family hype again: ‘He misses it’

Prince Harry is reportedly stuck walking around and missing his royal family once again, with a royal expert suggesting his desire to leave his father, King Charles III, in a quandary over his royal future. can put

These recent comments about King Charles and Prince Harry come from royal commentator Neil Sean, who claimed on his YouTube channel that Prince Harry feels like he’s missing his family because he’s the Queen. was back in Britain for the funeral.

Sean said: “According to a very well-placed source, it seems Prince Harry himself is now stuck at the hip again and misses it.”

“Whatever he had before here within the monarchy he at least gave his name to charities and did well to attend events. Is this a turning point for Harry now, does he trust him with his comeback. What can be done?” he continued.

Sean then added: “It’s a big dilemma now for our brand new monarch, King Charles.”

The expert then suggested that Prince Harry could be open to the idea of ​​returning to the royal fold if Charles chooses to give up his life in America.

“It is being reiterated to them that in fact Prince Harry lacks certain elements. Will he be called back for some big occasion… He will definitely be back, certainly for the coronation, this I have no doubt,” Sean said.

He added: “But will it be pushed aside? As King Charles hinted in his first speech, Harry and Meghan are now living their lives abroad.

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