Pakistan needs more help for relief after flash floods: State Dept

Derek Cholett, adviser to US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken. – Twitter/File

Derrick Cholett says Pakistan’s flood-related crisis will continue for months.
The State Department official said that it is hoped that the international community will help flood-hit Pakistan.
Cholet visited Pakistan earlier this month along with other US officials.

Advisor to US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken Derek Cholett He said that Pakistan needs more aid than the amount requested by the United Nations for relief after the widespread destruction caused by floods.

Talking to Geo NewsChollet said it is hoped that The international community will come forward. To help flood-affected Pakistan, he said that the crisis could be long-term due to the large-scale flood devastation in Pakistan.

He said that the United Nations has already given 160 million dollars for flood relief in Pakistan, adding that the United States has so far provided 55 million dollars for flood relief. “But clearly there is going to be a greater need for it in Pakistan,” he said.

Derrick Cholett said the flood crisis is expected to end in several months because large parts of the country and communities could remain under water for a long time.

“Then all the secondary effects of that, whether it’s food insecurity, disease, damage to infrastructure, there’s going to be a lot. Needed in coming months.He said that America recognizes that more needs to be done to help Pakistan.

Cholet visited Pakistan this month along with other US officials from the Department of Defense, the White House, USAID and senior UN officials.

He stressed that the State Department is going to work closely with US government agencies, the private sector and the community in the US to see what more can be done for Pakistan. He also said that the World Bank will assess what Pakistan needs and “this will help the international community provide a benchmark for what more can be provided.”

“You’ve seen American military planes land in Pakistan loaded with supplies for the Pakistani people. That’s something we need to focus on trying to help Pakistan in dire need,” the State Department said. The official feared that given the amount of standing water, the possibility of mosquito-borne disease is quite high.

“It’s something that I know the government of Pakistan is very focused on because we are here in the United States as well.”

He hoped that the international community would step up and stand by Pakistan, but then there was a massive humanitarian crisis going on in Europe as well.

“The United States is going to play its part, our discussions around the General Assembly next week in New York will be focused on the flood situation and we will be coordinating very closely with our partners across Pakistan,” he said. maintained.

In response to a question about the United Nations Secretary General’s appeal to reschedule Pakistan’s debts, the State Department official said that the recent decisions of the IMF [revival of loan programme for Pakistan] But when it comes to Pakistan’s economy, this flood situation will clearly add to the major challenge facing the Pakistani government.

“The economic devastation caused by the flood situation is something that we will have to consider in terms of how we can help Pakistan,” he said.

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