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Actor Shehbaz Shagri has been in the headlines many times for the relationships he has been in and even when he is out of them.

gave Silekistan Maker was previously married to Pakistani-American actor Ayesha Lania Akhtar, but things did not work out between them. Following their divorce, singer Aima Baig announced her engagement to Shagri in 2022, with the former couple confirming their relationship soon after. After two years, the engagement breaks off and Baig is accused by British supermodel Tallulah Mayer of cheating on Shagri with filmmaker Qais Ahmed.

After all this, any sane person would swear off love for some time and so did Shugri. In his podcast, Nothing happens here Along with Shahzad Sheikh and musician Osama Karamat, the 34-year-old actor shared how they have had multiple lives in their relationship and are still fulfilled.

In Episode 5 of the podcast, Shagri’s friends and co-hosts are seen talking about weddings in general when he stops and says “Let’s not talk about weddings with Shagri.” The actor added, “Yes, please. I’ve had way too many of them. I don’t want any more.”

After a loud laugh from everyone, he continued, “I’ve been in and out of the Ringer a number of times. Relationship-wise, I’ve had several lives, I think. I’m done for now. Hey guys, I’m done.” The podcast came out a week before Begg announced his split from Shaggy and news of his alleged cheating.

On the other hand, while Baig is being accused of cheating, this fiasco also led to rumors of Shagri cheating on his ex-wife. To put them all to rest, ex-wife Linnea responded to a comment asking her why she still has photos with her ex-husband on her Instagram profile.

I’m not dying for him but he was a big part of my life so why would I erase him? Contrary to what people think, no one cheated and he didn’t cheat on me in any way, so please calm down everyone,” she wrote.

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