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Model Mushik Kalim, whose first lesson in the fashion industry was to grow thick skin, was left in tatters on Tuesday after some students disrespected her profession and described her as a lack of talent behind her back. Well, that alone wouldn’t be so moving if it was the only time he heard it.

The 27-year-old penned a note detailing the painful, lonely, long hours he spends behind his daily tasks and how financial independence has humbled him. Sharing the good, bad and ugly aspects of modeling, Musk expressed his gratitude for the life his hard work has allowed him to live.

Sharing screenshots from her Notes app on Facebook, the two-time LSA awardee recalled, “I was shooting at Punjab Library yesterday and could hear this student saying this in the background.It’s easy to do, no hard work [this work is so easy, she doesn’t have to work hard at all.]His friend replied, ‘Mahat to kya, no skill is needed. [Leave hard work, you don’t even need any skill/talent for this.]”

He said he wished his job was “as easy as people think.” Reflecting on why this particular statement bothered him so much when he had never heard “the worst thing” about his profession, he added, “When I got back to my hotel room was going, the ears were bleeding and swollen. I could feel the toenails a little too tight, the arms scratched from wearing the heavy jewelry in the sun, and the embellished clothes, and the broken toenails from the shoes. That the water works are starting.” The reason for the tears you ask? “Maybe it was the 10-hour work shifts or the fact that I was sleeping less and working more, or that twenty bobby pins in my hair were pounding my scalp or that what I was hearing. It really hurt me,” he wrote

A bad day like this is no anomaly for Musk. She added that she wishes people knew better than to comment on how she “just takes pictures for a living.” Enlisting the people behind “Perfect Shots” to be invisible, he came home to quiet hotel rooms after long 15-hour shifts while shooting on lawns in temperatures as low as 4 degrees. Talk about cutting your teeth.

However, he stresses that his rant is not a complaint against the industry — and the note soon turns positive. Musk recounted another story that resonated with him despite his horror. “Once, before an awards show, a model was asked how would you describe a model? And she said, a hanger. Though shocked at the thought, Musk was aware of her answer. are treated in brutal fashion shows where they are dressed, their hair pulled and their make-up changed within minutes of the show starting.

But like every employee at work, she also juggles client calls at ungodly hours, frequent travel, chasing clients for money, less than four-hour sleep schedule, constant body shaming, dental/lip work. Had become accustomed to advice. and what not. Still, she wanted everyone to know that “just because you get used to hearing nasty comments, doesn’t mean it stops hurting.”

After nearly five years in the modeling industry, Musk knows she loves what she does. He is not ashamed of it but grateful for the opportunities it has afforded him. Although it sounds scary, she says “this yang has a yin.”

“If being in this industry isn’t humbling you, you’re doing something wrong. Because if anything, this profession has made a lot of dreams come true for a lot of people around me.” He wrote. Musk continued to list the things she’s been able to afford through the financial freedom her job affords. “It made me want to get my first car, imagine buying my own place, treat my loved ones with the good things in life, show love when people recognize you, look at my savings and know that Allowing that I can afford it. Treating myself to my wedding, finally a nice vacation, or a little spa date, or knowing that I have the means to make those dreams possible. I wouldn’t even dare to dream first.

A difficult day of criticism for hurtful statements turned into a day of gratitude for Musk, who realized that his work and dedication had blessed him with countless blessings. “There is so much to be grateful for in life and I guess, criticism works in funny ways. It made me realize that I have too many blessings to count. Alhamdulillah for everything,” she said. concluded.

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