Meghan’s display of emotions at Queen’s funeral were true or not?

Meghan Markle, who was spotted crying during the Queen’s funeral on Monday, has reacted with tearful pictures of herself.

Australian television host Karl Stefanovic expressed his thoughts on the Duchess of Sussex’s emotional display at the Queen’s state funeral.

The host claims that the context added to the images may or may not be accurate.

He said: “There are a lot of images around and interpretations of images and reading into images [meanings] It may or may not be true.”

He added: “There’s a couple of Meghan, um, with tears streaming down her face, apparently, and even one of Princess Charlotte that everyone was saying she was crying, and we Don’t know if it was true or not.”

Despite some media commentators criticizing the Duchess, others praised her for attending the Queen’s state funeral and welcoming throngs of mourners to Windsor Castle.

However, Meghan’s new interviews and podcasts will prove how dedicated and caring she is to the Queen and her family. And how much love and respect she has for the deceased.

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