King Charles ‘secret son’ wants no ‘money’ or ‘title’ from beloved dad

King Charles’ ‘secret son’ wants no ‘money’ or ‘titles’ from beloved father

King Charles III’s ‘secret son’ says he wants to take after his father

Simon Durante Day, who has often called for a DNA test from Britain’s monarch, says he is not looking for money after William is established as the rightful heir.

I’m looking for a title or money now,” he told the class.

He described himself as “just a man looking for my biological parents”.

Speaking to 7News earlier, Simon added that he is not afraid to ask for his rights, now that his father is the king.

“Not really,” he said. “Like I said, a mountain doesn’t change, it’s still a mountain.

“I’m going to climb it, so — I’ve got to climb it to climb it, that’s how it is.”

Simon’s wife supported him: “And we appreciate the opportunity to tell him that we haven’t given up.

“And he will still see us,” she added.

“We have not given up and we will address this through LAW and LORE.”

Earlier, Simon revealed: “It’s frustrating. For me, there’s a mountain in front of me, whether it’s a man or a woman, whether it’s the Queen or Charles, I still have that mountain to climb to the truth. Is.

“And that’s what it’s about, the truth,” he said.

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