Babar, Rizwan continue to be top fan favourites for Pakistan

Pakistan openers Babar Azam (left) and Mohammad Rizwan move forward to embrace after a great innings in the T20 World Cup 2021. – ICC

KARACHI: Cricket has a kind of magnetic force that attracts communities irrespective of their background.

People forget their problems. They try to take refuge in the sweet moments of play for specific times that help them refresh before returning to their hard routine life. And star power plays a major role in attracting people to the sport. The correspondent interacted with groups of fans from the flood-affected areas of Karachi and interior Sindh, who had come to witness it. The first T20 of the seven-match series between Pakistan and England It started with the opener at the National Stadium on Tuesday.

Some, who suffered huge physical and financial losses due to the food, were excited to support their team in the series opener against England. They were waiting for the doors to open. And some were looking for tickets, not knowing how to get them despite the long journey from the entrance. He was mostly seen interested in discussing cricket and stardom in particular. Babar Azam and Muhammad RizwanWhich he believed to be the two biggest stars of the Pakistan team.

“Yes, I have come to see Babar and Rizwan because they are great players and have opened the innings and done well for the country in the last few years in T20 cricket,” said the Sangarh native. Wasal Muhammad, whose family has suffered huge financial losses. The damage caused in the recent floods was reported News.

Muhammad Umar from Hyderabad said that Babar and Rizwan are his favorites.

“I have come here to meet Babar and Rizwan. Both are doing well. Umar said that Rizwan is also a fantastic player and he impressed me a lot with his batting recently in the Asia Cup.

Thanks PCB
Thanks PCB

A group of 12 friends from Hyderabad said they had come to see Rizwan and Babar.

We have come to see from Hyderabad. Rizwan And Babar as he is the top player of Pakistan team.

He said that ‘the biggest thing about him is that he leads the whole team and mainly because of his opening partnership, Pakistan has been able to win many matches’.

Asked how he would feel if Rizwan did not play in the opening game, he replied: “Then it would be a big disappointment.”

He also demanded the national selectors to include hard-hitting opener Sharjeel Khan in the squad.

We miss Sharjeel dearly. He should be included in the team as he is a fast cricketer and has also done well in winning the title of Sindh in national T20.

To this one of his friends replied that Sharjeel lacked fitness.

Hamid, a third year student from Karachi, gave this opinion. Babur He is the best player.

Hamid said that he sees the ball well and is the most reliable player in the Pakistan team.

“Yes, he was out of form in the Asia Cup but I hope he will do well in the series against England,” Hamid said.

Most of the fans were ready to see England for the first time as they came here after 17 years since they toured Pakistan for a full series in 2005.

Cricket also helps people to earn a living.

I am happy that cricket is back in Karachi. In PSL, I will earn around Rs 1,500 per day and I hope my business will also flourish during the series,” said Sharif Hussain, who was selling face masks.

Sarwar, who was seen painting the faces and hands of young fans and selling headbands bearing the Pakistan flag, said he was excited to see cricket return.

“It’s good that I’m back in business,” Sarwar said.

“I made a lot of money in PSL and hope to do it again now,” he said.

Tight security arrangements were made with heavy police presence at various locations around the stadium and at key locations for a few kilometers. Security personnel of SSU and Special Branch were manning the premises of the venue.

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