Why Walking Is Not A Complete Exercise And You Need To Do More

One of the easiest and most effective exercises is walking. It is also widely recognized as the ideal technique to start a fitness regimen. It offers numerous health benefits including boosting mood and vitality and strengthening muscles.

But the question is, is walking the best exercise? Rojota Divekar, a famous nutritionist, shared a video in which he disagrees with this idea. “Is walking the best exercise you can do? Sorry to break your heart but it’s not the best exercise. Just like there is no perfect boss or perfect husband and you have to find everything for yourself. It has to be done well,” he said.

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Rojota Divekar called walking as a healthy activity. He discussed the benefits of walking and said it will help improve your circulation, digestion, mood and the quality of your sleep. It also reduces gas problems.

However, walking itself is not a complete exercise. “To run at your full potential, you have to support it by strength training in the gym and practicing yoga,” he explained.

The expert outlined the four components of exercise and said, “Strength, endurance, extension, and stability make up a comprehensive exercise program. Without them, trying to swing your arms around won’t work. “

Rojota Divekar stressed the importance of pedestrian-friendly roads and footpaths nearby. “Most of us live in areas where we drive to places even though we know we can walk,” he said. Walkable streets should be available to all of us. He concluded by appealing to the public to vote for him.

So try to live up to its full potential. Apart from walking, practice yoga and strength training at the gym to stay fit and healthy.

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