‘Unimaginable situation’: Mufti Menk in Pakistan to help flood affectees

Zimbabwean Islamic scholar Ismail Ibn Musa Manik (left) sits with flood-affected people in Pakistan’s Sindh province in this unidentified photo. – Instagram/Mufti Manik

Zimbabwean Islamic scholar Ismail Ibn Musa Manik is in Pakistan to help flood victims as the country reels from the devastation that destroyed infrastructure and killed hundreds of people.

The Islamic scholar visited parts of Sindh, the worst-hit province, and said the situation was “unimaginable” and appealed to people to donate as much as possible to ease the plight of the people.

“Please do whatever you can with a reliable charity or partner for the affected people. We will have to help for the next few years,” Manik said, as Pakistan Moving towards the rehabilitation of flood affected people..

Manik said he visited Pakistan with only one intention: to deliver some aid and create more awareness about the plight of millions of people affected by the devastating floods.

“Please forgive me for not attending any unrelated meetings, visits or invitations. I have not made any concessions,” he added.

Record monsoon rains and snowmelt in northern Pakistan triggered floods that affected about 33 million people in the South Asian country of 220 million, damaging homes, crops, bridges, roads and livestock. Estimated at $30 billion..

Millions of displaced people are living in the open, exposing them to stagnant water-borne diseases. They are badly needed. Food, shelter, clean drinking water, toilet and medicineofficials have said.

UNICEF described the situation of the families as “darkest”.

It says an estimated 16 million children are affected, and at least 3.4 million girls and boys need immediate, life-saving assistance.

The country received 391 mm (15.4 in) of rain, or some 190% more than the 30-year average, during July and August, a monsoon spell that started early and ran ahead of the normal timeline. In the southern province of Sindh, rainfall reached 466 percent of the average.

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