Unbuttoned Jeans: Is The Y2K Trend Hitting The Streets Once Again?

Carefree and unconventional! Best describes the ‘Unbuttoned Jeans’ trend. For the uninitiated, this trend has been around since the 2000s, when young celebrities flaunted the style for the world to sit up and take notice. From Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid to Dua Lipa, this style has been tried and tested.

Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa feature ‘flipped’ waistband detail in classic bite shorts, creating a flattering fit against Alexander Wang’s designed body.

“This [unbuttoned jeans] Reminiscent of the 2000’s low rise jeans trend which was very popular and overrated by all the young celebrities all over the world. Fast forward to 2022 after the high-waisted jean craze, we’re now back in the fashion realm, and we see a resurgence of low-waisted jeans. We love a little show and tell, it’s flaunting your features but keeping it tasteful and lively,” shares Preeti Jain, fashion designer at Nirmoha label.

Back home, the style gained a lot of attention when celebrities and fashion became inspired. Nicknamed Javed posted a video on Instagram wearing unbuttoned jeans and paired the bold look with a newspaper that read: Be yourself.

The indone style is attracting the attention of young fashionistas, who are flaunting the style on the streets of New York. Come fashion week, don’t panic if you’re railing against your favorite influencers on how to style unbuttoned jeans. Recently, clothing label Freakens posted a video in which model Maanvi showed her followers how to style unbuttoned jeans in a cool way.

Stylist Ekta Shah who has styled celebrities including Ranbir Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Malaika Arora To name a few, truly believe that this trend is definitely for the bold and brave. “A conservative balance is needed to pull off the sexiness of a slim look in India,” says Ekta, adding, “By leaving only the bottom unbuttoned and tucking the corners, your Pass remains a fresh, casual way to wear your wide leg pants. Be sure to rock this look by pairing it with a cropped tank and finishing it off with sneakers.”

Yes, fashion is all about being yourself and being comfortable in what you wear. But how practical is this trend in India? Remember the time Twinkle Khanna unbuttoned Akshay Kumar’s jeans during a fashion show in 2009? Twinkle later spoke on Koffee With Karan about how she was arrested and later released on bail for her alleged lewd behavior.

Aniket Satam, fashion designer of Pink Porcupine label, believes that this trend is connected to this whole deconstruction school of design. Aniket adds, “Elements of inactivity are reimagined as mere decorative design details. The trend is more like a craze and will last for a few days but will eventually die out. As That it will fail to translate and appeal to a broad spectrum of people.

For plus-size supermodel and global lifestyle influencer Dr. Mona Veronica Campbell, it’s all about confidence. She says, “You don’t have to have a flat stomach to wear low-waisted or unbuttoned jeans. You don’t have to feel bad if your pants don’t fit. Wear them unbuttoned and that’s it. Would be sexy and definitely cool.

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