Study says 150 minute of workout per week can lower risk of death; know details | The Times of India

This is not the first time a study has discussed the effects of physical activity on heart health. Although this may be one of the first studies to be conducted on such a large scale and over such a long period of time.

According to a 2010 study: More activity is associated with a lower risk of heart disease than less physical activity. Although there may be a threshold at which activity levels indicate high risk, only those who are completely sedentary (i.e., “weekend warriors”) or have pre-existing health conditions suddenly, There is a risk of severe CV events with vigorous-intensity exercise. The activity study found that “a gradual introduction of activity combined with a physician’s assessment prior to starting an exercise program may reduce these risks.”

A 2003 study published in the AHA’s Circulation Journal emphasized the risk that a sedentary lifestyle poses to the human heart. “Sedentary lifestyle is one of the 5 major risk factors (along with high blood pressure, abnormal blood lipid values, smoking, and obesity) for heart disease,” the study states. It has been said that walking, golfing, calisthenics, gardening, cycling, swimming and hill climbing are among the various physical activities one should do.

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