Royal commentator says Africans should pay slave trade reparations to British sailors

Donald Trump Jr Liked a Twitter post with a video of CNN the host Don Lemon Stunned into silence by a royalist commentator claiming that the descendants of British sailors should be compensated for the African slave trade.

Royal commentator Hilary Fordwich told Lemmon on her show that it was African monarchs who should be paying, not the British Empire.

gave The clip went viral on Tuesday. – earning a like from Mr Trump Jr on Twitter – but that was from Fordwich’s appearance on his show last week after the Queen’s death.

Lemmon began the conversation by telling his guest, “You’ve got people asking for reparations for colonialism, and they’re wondering, you know, ‘$100bn, $24bn here and there, $500bn.’ m there’.

“Some people want the money back and members of the public are wondering, ‘Why are we suffering when you are, you have so much wealth?’ These are legitimate concerns.”

But his The guest said that they were actually Africans. which was required to pay the families of “2,000 naval men” who he claimed had died trying to stop slavery.

“Well, I think you’re right about compensation – if people want it, however, what they need to do is you always need to go back to the beginning of the supply chain. Where does the supply chain begin? What happened?” he asked.

“It was in Africa. When slavery was happening all over the world, who was the first nation in the world to abolish slavery? Before telling him it was “the British”.

“They ended slavery in Britain. 2,000 sailors died on the high seas trying to stop slavery. Why? Because African kings were rounding up their own people. They were keeping them in cages. were waiting on the shores.

And he ended his piece by saying: “I think you’re absolutely right. If there’s a need to pay compensation, we have to go back to the beginning of that supply chain and say, ‘Who owns our own people?’ was holding and handcuffing in cages?’ Of course, that’s where they should start.

Fordwich describes himself on LinkedIn as a “business media and golf commentator” who has appeared on a series of news channels, including the right-wing Newsmax.

Lemon apparently didn’t want to get into the argument, telling her it was “an interesting discussion” before moving on.

The Emmy-winning actor was Jeffrey Wright. To amplify Fordwich’s reasoning on Twitter.

“So by this specific, simple, self-preservation argument, there is no one to blame for the deaths caused by the street heroin trade – not the government turning a blind eye, the cartels, the smugglers, the dealers – only the farmers. In the hills. who grow poppies. That’s funny.”

Britain, along with Portugal, was one of the leading slave trading nations, transporting 3.1 million Africans to British colonies between 1640 and 1807, historians say.

Only 2.7 million of these slaves survived the journey and ended up in the Caribbean, North and South America and other countries. According to the British Government’s National Archives.

On March 25, 1807, the Slave Trade Act was passed in Great Britain and slavery was abolished in 1834.

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