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Veteran actor Reshamm had a tough week when he “absent-mindedly” threw plastic wrappers with food for marine life into the water and filmed it. The harsh response proved to be a “steep learning curve” for the actor. After two formal apologies, it seems the actor wants to give back with more than just words–after all actions speak louder than words.

On Monday, the Nagan actor took to Instagram with another video in which she is seen picking up garbage from the streets in a white shalwar kurta. “The last few days have been a big learning curve for me and I want to thank everyone, especially my well-wishers, who have tried to guide me and reform me, condemning personal dominance. Using kindness and love instead,” her caption began with some context that informed her of a “trash cleanup initiative.”

She added how she hopes her actions will bring peace to her fans. Pakistan is our home and it is right that we keep it clean. So what better way to demonstrate this than with an example? I took part in a litter cleanup initiative that I hope will help remove any inconvenience I may have inadvertently caused you and our people. Let’s make Pakistan clean and kind. Sending you all my warmest wishes. This is a new beginning for me and for all of us.”

Actress Armeena Khan, who initially called Resham out but later campaigned for others to accept her heartfelt apology, praised her initiative to clean up the litter. “Very well Reshamm ji. Good on you,” he wrote.

The news came five days after Reshamm’s formal apology, which did not use “gang rape of women” and other justifications to cover up what he had done. Taking to his Instagram on Wednesday, the actor said in a clip, “First of all, please accept my apology because what happened should not have happened. It was due to my carelessness and was not intentional. It I apologize to the entire nation for this.”

She clarified, “I am against littering, pollution, and agree that it is our responsibility to keep our country clean. I am also human and every human makes mistakes, this was mine. Calling it the “biggest mistake” of her career, Resham vowed to make sure it doesn’t happen again. She ended her video with an apology with “under my heart”. what with

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