Ranking Cameron Boozer (yes, Carlos’ son), D.J. Wagner and the top 25 recruits regardless of class

We evaluate hundreds of men’s basketball prospects in each recruiting cycle, and we narrow our rankings to the ESPN 100 for the senior class, ESPN 60 for the junior class and ESPN 25 for sophomores.

But how do they compare against each other? After all, there are some juniors who are better than seniors.

We ranked the top 25 recruits regardless of class, pitting the No. 1 senior (D.J. Wagner) against the No. 1 junior (Tre Johnson) and the No. 1 sophomore (Cameron Boozer).

This list is an evaluation of the eye test, character traits, film work and metrics. And as with all rankings, it is fluid, so players can of course rise or fall down the road.

To make this list, we take into account how far along a player is in their respective development, analyze their recent performances and production from the summer circuit and also break down their potential at the next level.

We also provide a player comparison for each recruit — and some of these players are on the trajectory to blossom into future NBA stars.

Uncommitted | 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 1

Wagner played an important role in USA Basketball’s U17 gold medal run in Spain, dishing out nine assists to just one turnover, shooting 48% on 2-point field goals and 87.5% from the line over his last three games. Beyond his high-end basketball ability, he brings a competitive edge, a selfless approach and a veteran’s mentality. At 6-foot-2, 175 pounds, Wagner is a factor in the paint, whether he executes a floater against the shot blocker or takes a charge. His drive-and-kick game is strong, and he knows how to find open pockets of space for his pull-up jumper. Even with the No. 1 status, he has room for growth with his talent and upside. Kentucky and Louisville are in a two-horse race for his commitment.

Player comparison: Darius Garland

Committed to Kentucky | 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 2

With Edwards’ long frame and anticipation skills, he produces steals both on and off the ball. At 6-7, 190 pounds, he is a big lefty wing who constantly attacks the basket with thrust and scores in a variety of ways. His straight-line drives can quickly turn into dunks, and he has a knack of reading when the defender is backing up, then utilizing his pull-up jumper to perfection. Defensively, he can switch on to different perimeter threats. He can take his game to another level if he complements his drive game with a more consistent 3-point shot.

Player comparison: RJ Barrett

Committed to Michigan State | 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 3

Booker was on the fringe of the top 100 during the high school season but blossomed and asserted himself during the spring and summer. With a 6-10 frame and a 74.5-inch wingspan, many qualities make him stand out, including his long strides as a rim runner, along with his quick finishing skills, fluid face-up game from midrange and capable 3-point skills. He is also mobile with soft hands and is unselfish, and his humility and teachability enhance his giftedness as a rising senior.

Player comparison: Jaren Jackson Jr.

Committed to Duke | 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 4

Mgbako finished the summer strong, shooting 60% inside the arc, 36% from deep and 78% at the foul line at Peach Jam. As an ideal stretch forward at 6-8, 195 pounds, he is best as a spot-up scorer who can also make a living trailing the break, cutting off screens or setting screens, as well as spotting up on dribble penetration to gain separation for his shot. Mgbako, considered one of the better shooters in the 2023 class, will also play from the elbow and mid-post to shoot over defenders. His effort on the glass has yielded impressive results.

Player comparison: Rodney Hood

Uncommitted | 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 5

Bradshaw made huge strides, noticeably improving his offensive game and extending his face-up game beyond the arc. At 7-feet, 215 pounds, he can catch lobs and finish quickly on putbacks or drop-off passes, but he also displays soft hands to rip and dunk from the short corner with fluidness. Bradshaw is one of the best rim protectors in the class and can hold a switch for a few seconds on ball screens, which is promising. While he needs to improve positional defense on the blocks and his decision-making on offense, he shows the markers and the potential of a modern NBA center.

Player comparison: Jalen Smith

Uncommitted | 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 6

Collier was dominant prior to partially tearing his meniscus. At one point, he led the Nike EYBL in transition scoring and points created out of ball screens, and he also finished second in efficiency among volume scorers, according to Synergy Sports. He had an eight-game stretch in which he shot 40% from 3-point range and used his quick-twitch fibers and concentration to score inside the paint. Since last season, he has improved as a passer. So far, the 6-2, 170-pound Collier has visited Cincinnati, Michigan, USC and UCLA.

Player comparison: Eric Bledsoe

Uncommitted | 2025 ESPN 25 ranking: 1

At 15 years old, Boozer dominates his age group and has opened the eyes of older prospects. The son of former Duke and NBA star Carlos Boozer and brother of Cayden, Cameron plays a mature game with physicality, skill and energy. He’s a strong and reliable finisher in transition with either hand, and if he needs to punch it home with a hard dunk, he will do so. The 6-8, 215-pound Booozer has a variety of different scoring tools at his disposal with and without the ball. He can make an off-ball cut to the open gap for an easy bucket; he can score from the top of the key or the low post; and he can also find the open teammate.

Player comparison: Carlos Boozer/Kevin Love

Uncommitted | 2025 ESPN 25 ranking: 2

Flagg is a unique prospect and player. At 6-7, 200 pounds, he possesses an enormous wingspan with crafty playmaking skills, versatile scoring abilities and strong rebounding talent. “He was the one kid we could not stop talking about in our meetings,” USA Basketball assistant coach Steve Turner said. “Up close, you can see how impressive his second and third jump is. That is why he is such a good rebounder who gets a bunch of deflections.” When USA Basketball won the gold medal, he finished with 10 points, 17 rebounds, 8 steals, 6 assists and 5 blocks. Flagg demonstrates a combination of speed, quickness and bounce while blocking his share of shots as well. He already owns phenomenal decision-making skills and physical traits.

Player comparison: Jayson Tatum/Tobias Harris

Uncommitted | 2024 ESPN 60 ranking: 1

With a lean, wiry and strong 6-5, 180-pound frame, Johnson has established himself as one of the better scorers and shot makers in the recruiting circuit. He shows outstanding balance and footwork to get his shot off, demonstrating comfort from the catch or using a dribble to rise up and knock the shot down. He is capable from 3 and most lethal from the mid-range, and his ability to make tough, contested shots — especially when the shot clock or game clock is winding down — separates him from his peers. He visited UCLA and has plans to visit Texas and Baylor in the coming weeks. He also told ESPN that Kentucky, Duke, Gonzaga, LSU, Stanford, Miami and Arkansas interest him.

Player comparison: Bradley Beal

Uncommitted I 2024 ESPN 60 ranking: 2

Jackson is one of the best recruits at finishing a fast break with the ball in his hands, as he attacks in straight lines with a subtle move at the end to shake the defender. He can also run the lane and wait on the pass ahead. His drive mechanics are at a high level, as he lowers his shoulder to beat most defenders. The 6-5, 180-pound Jackson can push the ball with confidence, burst and instincts to read the defense. He’s also efficient in the half court, scoring at a 72% clip inside the arc by way of drives, jumpers, post-ups and isolations. Granted, his shot quality and shot balance from deep need to be addressed, but he might be the best offensive player on the adidas circuit and is certainly in contention for the 2024 class’ No. 1 ranking.

Player comparison: Jaylen Brown/Josh Richardson

Committed to Duke I 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 7

Stewart’s effort starts on the defensive end, blocking shots and deterring opponents from attempting them. He tries to own the boards, as he treats each shot as a miss and tries to be first to the glass. As a team defender, he will help and recover alertly. Many times, he blocks a shot at one end of the floor, run to the rim and finish on the other end. On offense, the 6-8, 230-pounder can go for the putback and be a great screener who rolls or spaces into a short face-up jumper. “Stewart is the most impactful player in high school basketball without the ball in his hands on both ends of the floor,” one NBA scout said of Stewart.

Player comparison: Tari Eason

Committed to Kentucky | 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 8

Dillingham is one of the craftiest and most graceful guards in the class with how fast he can change his pace and sprint. He reads the floor well and is a smart, willing passer who dished out over 3.0 assists per game on the circuit. He shot 55% inside the arc and 81% from the line on the circuit as well. He can make tough shots look easy and will surely excite the crowd in Lexington.

Player comparison: Lou Williams

Committed to Iowa State | 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 9

Biliew is a cut and imposing post player who beats opponents with his will. He makes his presence known in the paint on both ends of the floor — as a rebounder, as a defender and as a finisher — at 6-8, 210 pounds, and with a 7-2 wingspan. He outraces other bigs in transition and hustles back on defense to protect the basket. In addition to being a high-level rebounder, he is a solid low-volume 3-point shooter who can become a legitimate threat from the outside. As the first five-star prospect to commit to Iowa State since ESPN started evaluating recruits in 2007, he’ll have a chance to be one of the top freshman big men in the country next season.

Player comparison: Pascal Siakam

Uncommitted | 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 10

Holland is one of the most intense recruits on D. Whether he’s on top of a press, picks up the ball at half court or plays in the back line of a zone defense, he will work to disrupt his opponents’ rhythm. The 6-8, 200-pound Holland is fantastic at filling the lanes, and against set defenses, scores via drives, cuts, isos and shots. He went 8-for-19 from 3-point range with USA Basketball, and his passing and opportunism have been his calling card.

Player comparison: Jimmy Butler/Draymond Green

G-League I 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 11

Buzelis specializes on offense, as he is a big playmaker and scoring threat inside the arc. He is highly instinctive and plays the role of shot creator when he explores the mismatch. He is starting to use his 6-9, 195-pound frame to get more balanced and use it for leverage. Although he still struggles at times with pressure and contact, he is at his best when he can isolate and find space. “Matas possesses a world of potential due to his love of the game, ability to make plays with size and offensive versatility,” Brewster head coach Jason Smith said.

Player comparison: Jonathan Isaac

Overtime Elite | 2024 ESPN 60 ranking: 3

At 6-7, 175 pounds, Cunningham has positional size, a long frame, a 6-11 wingspan and a jumper both off the dribble and the catch. He has an intriguing handle at his size because he will find his way to the rim in dynamic fashion or pull up. When he gets aggressive with his drive, he scores or draws contact. His shot selection and movement without the ball should help his percentage, and he is an elite talent who can go off in any given game for big points.

Player comparison: Bryce McGowens/Khris Middleton

Uncommitted | 2025 ESPN 25 ranking: 3

Peat, a 15-year-old five-star prospect, shot over 50% inside the paint when he won a gold medal with USA Basketball this summer. He was a force inside the arc, plays with intensity and has strong basketball instincts. At 6-8, 215 pounds, he has a college-ready frame and is best at driving, cutting and posting up. His face-up jumper is on a good path, as he shows good balance and mechanics. Peat rebounds with tenacity and can facilitate with good vision.

Player comparison: Paolo Banchero

Committed Oregon | 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 12

With a 6-9, 200-pound frame and outstanding ball skills with a shooting touch, Evans has all the tools. He’s a versatile, left-handed forward whose greatest strength is his versatility. He possesses a legitimate 3-point shot and, for his size, has a fluid drive when needed. He can play at the high post or get on the blocks and score with length. He needs to be dialed in more and have his energy present more consistently, however Evans has also shown he can rebound and start a fastbreak effectively.

Player comparison: Lamar Odom

Committed to Duke | 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 13

Few had a better summer than Foster. At the Nike EYBL, the 6-3, 180-pound Foster finished first in offensive efficiency among high-volume scorers and ranked second in total points and free throw attempts per 40 minutes. He made big strides in his pick-and-roll game and is a true shot-maker, as evidenced by his 38% clip from behind the arc on spot-up 3s and 36% mark on pull-up 3s. It was clear the Duke commit was seeking contact on drives, as he has gotten noticeably stronger.

Player comparison: Jrue Holiday

Uncommitted | 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 14

Williams rose from out of the top 50 to inside the top 15 in the 2023 class. A long, agile wing with the ball, he has a knack for scoring with his deep jumper and mid-range pull-up. His 6-8 height and vertical bounce with a high release point make it easy for him to score in traffic. Williams has a quick and fluid first step to the basket and scores at the rim with finesse. The younger brother of Oklahoma City Thunder lottery pick Jalen Williams, Cody is starting to realize his potential.

Player comparison: Brandon Ingram

Uncommitted | 2025 ESPN 25 ranking: 4

Peterson gets to where he wants to be on the floor with his dribble and makes shots off the bounce from anywhere with ease. A strong 6-4, 185-pound guard with great early size, his feel and skill allow him to get buckets in the paint. He navigates the pick and roll maturely and can make tough shots. In a class with elite talent at the top, Peterson has proven he has remarkable potential.

Player comparison: Cade Cunningham

Committed to Oregon | 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 15

Cook is a multi-dimensional point forward who can score in multiple ways. He is terrific at driving into the paint and spinning into a short shot or can be a lob catcher or a tip dunker because he demonstrates quick leaping ability with a strong second jump. The 6-7, 210-pound Oregon commit will knock down the 3-pointer and is hard to contain in the open floor with his speed and vision.

Player comparison: Andre Iguodala/Jeremiah Robinson-Earl

Committed to Duke | 2023 ESPN 100 ranking: 16

This summer, he showed an ability to score in the open floor and find the open man, averaging 3.8 assists per game. Defensively, the 6-3 McCain averaged 1.1 steals per game in the Nike EYBL and will guard on the ball. He is a triple threat on the catch, as he can distribute, drive or stick the jumper. While almost half of his shots came from behind the arc, he made 32.4% of them, a number that will need to increase. The future Blue Devil demonstrates good practice habits and was an excellent free throw shooter at 86%.

Player comparison: CJ McCollum

Uncommitted | 2024 ESPN 60 ranking: 4

Tucker is fundamentally sound with his footwork and ball skills and is a poised decision-maker. With the ball in his hands, he can shake defenders off with his subtle change of direction and pace. He has good body length at 6-5, 180 pounds, nice in-game instincts and strong bloodlines, as his dad, Byron, was 6-10 and played at NC State and George Mason. Duke, Maryland, LSU Illinois, Notre Dame, Georgetown and Virginia Tech have all offered scholarships to Bryson.

Player comparison: Mikal Bridges

Uncommitted | 2024 ESPN 60 ranking: 5

Knox is among the best scorers in his class. He shot over 60% inside the arc and close to 80% from the line. His 3-point shot has deep range, and he has added the all-important shot fake into a dribble pull-up without wasting motion. The 6-5 Knox, whose older brother is former NBA lottery pick Kevin Knox, has a strong lower body, and when he gets downhill, he shows off his speed and power when attacking the basket.

Player comparison: Anthony Edwards

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