Prince Harry ‘lost his anchor’ to royal family with Queen Elizabeth’s death

Prince Harry has lost his last ‘anchor’ to the royal family with the death of his beloved grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, a psychologist and body language expert has claimed.

The comment came from Dr. Ruby Ludwig, who told Fox News that Prince Harry’s face showed how much he had given up on his life with his wife, Meghan Markle.

According to Ludwig: “Harry has to focus on his wife, which is indicated by his body language to hold her hand and lean towards her.”

He added that “Harry looks sad about the day and one can imagine that he feels like a man between two worlds… He has given up so much and his thoughtful face Showing pain for everything that happened over the years,” he added.

Ludwig added: “I don’t think Harry ever anticipated that his actions would lead to this kind of long-lasting conflict. If the Queen was his anchor for the family, she’s lost it too.”

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