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To combat dengue in Punjab, an army of lakhs of mosquito-killing fish has been prepared and more than 2.3 lakh tilapia fish are being released in ponds and lakes of various districts.

An increase in dengue fever has been seen in the province with the number of patients reaching 1388. Data Issued by the Office of the District House Officer, Islamabad.

Apart from the Health Department, the Punjab Fisheries Department plays an active role in the prevention of dengue and has bred 2.3 million tilapia fish this year to eradicate dengue larvae.

Tilapia is a small fish that was considered a symbol of rebirth in ancient Egypt, say fisheries experts. In modern times, scientists are working on using this fish against mosquitoes that spread diseases like dengue and malaria.

Director General Punjab Fisheries Dr Sikandar Hayat said this gave The Express Tribune About three ways to control dengue.

He said that since the dengue mosquito breeds in water, there is a need to eliminate accumulated water through mechanical control methods. For example, The water in the bird bowls is emptied or the water collected in the air conditioner or house tires is thrown out.

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Chemical control method involves killing dengue mosquito larvae using chemicals. “This method is used in ponds where all the water cannot be disposed of,” said Dr Hayat.

A third method of dengue control is the biological method in which tilapia fish are released into the water. It is mainly used in reservoirs where the water is used for human consumption, Dr Hayat said.

He said his staff checks the pH (acidity or bitterness level) of the water, evaluates its success rate and then uses tilapia and grass carp fish to biologically control dengue larvae. leaves

The Director General further informed that at present dengue killer fish are being released in ponds and lakes in various districts of Punjab.

Tilapia is also known to be more expensive and tastier to eat than other fish.

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