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In a recent interview, actor Faisal Khan was asked why he turned down an offer to work in the upcoming season of a reality TV show. senior official Answering the question, he shared that the contestants play mind games with each other and he didn’t want to get stuck in that zone. He then revealed that he was once locked in a “cage” at his brother actor Aamir Khan’s house, leaving him traumatized, and that he does not intend to be locked up again.

Going on Instagram, settlement The star elaborated on his decision to reject the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss. “Today is a happy day for me because I got two offers today. One was for Bigg Boss but I turned it down. There was another offer for a TV serial. I am quite excited that people are thinking about me. I am thinking and thinking about me. Khush, please pray for me that I get a good job so that I can try to entertain you all, be it a web series or a movie,” Faisal said in a video shared on the social media platform.

Meanwhile, speaking to Times of India, He said, “I senior official, Everyone is pitted against each other, they fight, argue and then you are given tasks. They play with you mentally. I didn’t want to get stuck in that zone. They give you some money but by the grace of Allah I don’t need much money. So I thought why should I be locked in a cage? Who likes to be in a cage? Everyone loves a free life. It’s fun, you know. It’s not fun being a leader (It’s no fun being in a cage). I have been imprisoned in Aamir’s house once. I don’t intend to be caged again. I want to be free and flow like water.”

Faisal fought a legal battle with his family in 2007. Hindustan Times About the same in 2008 Hostility The actor had said, “To be honest, I was never sick. What was said about me was based on speculation and spread by my elder brother Aamir Khan and other family members. In fact, I was kidnapped, placed under house arrest and given unwanted drugs.

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